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Food Orb Automatic Treat Dispensing Toy for Dogs

by Petgeek
Original price £34.99 - Original price £34.99
Original price
£34.99 - £34.99
Current price £34.99

Keep the ball and good times rolling

Interactive dog toys:
The foodie orb can hold pet food. Think treats or kibble. You just need to turn on the switch, the toy ball will move automatically to attract your dog or cat to play and chase, so that your pet is mentally stimulated and he stays physically active.

Automatic Movements:
The automatic dog toy holds enough space for up to 380ml of kibble or small treats (up to 0.3 inch in size), press the power button for 3 seconds to activate. The dog toy ball has unexpected movements that can last for 7 hours in roll mode and go into standby mode after 60 seconds. It won't move until your pet feels like saving energy again (you need to install 2 AAA batteries, not included in the package)

2 adjustable windows of PETGEEK dog candy puzzle to release treats for different difficulty levels. After you put pet food in the dog treat ball, your pets have no choice but to eat what is provided. They require more physical activity to get their food from the food bowl as a reward to slow down pet feeding and prevent the pet from developing digestive, bloating and obesity.

More than a toy:
This gadget can be used for IQ training through healthy play and exercise. The IQ treat ball can help your pet learn and train his problem solving skills. This dog puzzle toy can also help your pet relax and relieve stress when alone, and develop a good character for your pet.

Easy to clean:
Except for the power core, all parts of the PETGEEK robot roller are dishwasher safe. Wash and dry the washable parts before using them again.

Automatic movements
The Foodie Orb Keeps playing fun through automatic movements and unexpected directions

Reward active play
The Foodie Orb has room for no less than 380ML candies. You determine how much comes out thanks to the sliding openings.

Energy Efficient
The Foodie Orb automatically goes into Standby when not in use and starts rolling again when your pet taps it.

Because the Foodie Orb consists of separate components, it is easy to clean and therefore very hygienic to use.

Warranty:                             1 year on technical defects
Material:                           ABS
Batteries:                         2x AAA Not included

Weight:                             750 grams
Contents:                               380 ML
Product Dimensions:         Ø12 CM
Package dimensions:        13.0 x 13.0 x 14.3 CM

Made in China