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What natural treats can you give to puppies?

Different types of food offer various health advantages even in the dog world. Did you know that dog parents and their furry friends are increasingly preferring natural dog food and treats over processed ones?

This is because more than 80% of pet owners said they now expect the same standards for the food they buy for their pets as they would their own. According to Dr Maygane Ronsmans, a Product Manager for animal nutrition at BENEO, “Whether it’s sustainable, natural, plant-based or grain-free, consumers have come to expect the same high-quality credentials from their pet food products as they do their own.”

When we have a puppy in the household, we want to spoil them with love, affection, and of course, treats. But what treats are best for puppies and why? In this article, we dig into why natural puppy treats make the pawfect choice and discuss when you can give them to your puppy.

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When can a puppy have treats?

If you have a new furry bundle of joy in the family, you may have a lot of questions about caring for them. You may be wondering when the best time is to start introducing treats, how to provide the treats, and what dog treats are safe to give puppies.

To answer the first question, a puppy is ready to embark on a culinary adventure once they turn 8 weeks old. Treats are handy to use when training your puppy, as you can reward them for their good behaviours. This way, they will associate the good things they do with getting a tasty natural treat.

Initially, it’s best to keep 8–10-week-old puppies on single ingredient treats and soft chews. See below for a handy puppy treat timeline:

  • 8-10 weeks old: Single ingredient treats and small soft chews. You can break the treats into smaller pieces, so they are easier for your pup to chew.
  • 3-4 months old: Puppy dental chews, larger soft chews, biscuits.
  • 5-7 months old: Training treats and freeze-dried treats.
  • 8-12 months old: All puppy specific treats, and some adult dog treats (keep this in moderation).

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association advises limiting treats to less than 10% of your puppy's daily calories. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep them as a training treat only. So, try to resist those adorable begging puppy eyes and fight the urge to toss your puppy a treat just because they look cute!

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Why natural dog treats are the perfect choice for puppies

Chicken feet and pig snouts may not sound appealing to us, but our furry friends love them! This is because natural treats are 100% animal and include no additives or preservatives. It means that you are only giving your pup the very best and ensuring they remain happy and healthy!

Natural puppy treats bring a wide range of health benefits, so there is no wonder why they are becoming so popular. Some of the advantages include:

  • Stronger Immunity: Natural treats make sure your pup is getting the nutrients they need. They are rich in protein, which is vital in boosting your dog or puppy’s immunity.
  • Improved Digestion: Even adult dog stomachs are not developed to handle artificial chemicals that is seen in much of processed dog food. Natural dog food and treats contain no additives or artificial chemicals, so they are easier for your pup to digest.
  • Better Dental Health: Did you know 90% of dogs from age 2 suffer from dental problems? It’s true. Luckily, natural dog treats like puppy dental chews are great for keeping your puppy’s teeth clean.
  • Healthier Skin and Coats: The healthy fats found in natural treats will help give your puppy’s coat a special shine. The nutrients in natural treats (like Vitamin A) can help dogs with skin allergies by healing and moisturising, whilst also preventing any future outbreaks.
  • Less Allergies:  Standard dog treats often contain additives like grain, which can trigger allergies and upset stomachs in many dogs. Natural dog treats do not contain any hidden allergens, and instead, many contain high levels of Vitamin C which assists white blood cells to fight away illnesses.

These are just a few of the benefits natural treats can bring to a growing pup’s life. They also offer a pawsome taste that dogs find simply irresistible. They are healthy and taste amazing for our fur babies – so it’s really a no-brainer!

What natural treats are best for puppies?

Now you know the great advantages of natural dog treats, let's find out which ones are safe for puppies.

Many adult dog treats will be unsuitable due to their ingredients and size, so it’s best to opt for puppy-specific treats. However, you should always check the size and ingredients as some natural dog treats will be suitable for puppies from 8 weeks old to adult.

Young puppies have sensitive teeth and gums, this means it’s essential to choose treats that are soft and easy for them to chew. Hard and large treats could hurt their gums and damage their growing adult teeth. Larger natural dog treats could also be a choking hazard for puppies, they will need something small that will not require much chewing.

With that being said, what treats do we recommend for puppies at WOOOF?

Duck & Rosemary Soft Natural Treats

Soft dog treats are always best for puppies because they are easy on your puppy’s evolving teeth. 

These small and tasty Duck & Rosemary treats from Buddy Pet Foods contain no nasty additives, preservatives, fillers, or added sugar. Instead, they are full of natural goodness and high-quality meat for healthy puppy teeth and gums! 

Harringtons Grain Free Puppy Nibble Treats

One of the best puppy natural treats to choose from as they are made specially with puppies in mind. Harrington’s Fresh Bakes Chicken With Yoghurt Puppy Nibbles are a complementary pet food suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks old.

Unique Fresh Bakes make use of high-quality ingredients. These ingredients are freshly prepared and baked in traditional ovens. This ensures that the nutrition provided is naturally tasty and easily digestible. By promoting your puppy's health and happiness, Fresh Bakes are a great choice.

This tasty puppy reward can also be found within The Puppy Love Enrichment Gift Bundle, a perfect gift for any new pawrent and their adorable fur baby.

Salmon, Peanut Butter, & Sweet Potato Puppy Bites

Denzel's is a great brand that offers tasty, natural treats for rewarding all dogs. The Puppy Bites are soft, squishy treats made in the UK. They are safe for puppies and made from natural ingredients. They are also low-calorie making them ideal for training when your puppy reaches 8 weeks old.

Salmon, Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato Puppy Bites are naturally high in Omega-3s, which has been shown to improve retinal and brain development in young pups.

Gourmet Natural Chicken and Cheese Slices

Our WOOOF Own Gourmet Chicken and Cheese slices proved to be very popular natural treats in 2023. This is because they are not only delicious but also incredibly healthy! They are ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes - including puppies.

Gourmet Chicken and Cheese Slices provide a great source of protein and we responsibly source them. By choosing a WOOOF Own natural treat, you can rest assured that your puppy is only snacking on the very best for their health and wellbeing.

See below for all our delicious WOOOF natural treats that are safe for puppies.

Peanut Poochbutter

Our furry friends love the taste of dog-safe peanut butter! There’s no surprise as to why since it is high in vitamins B6 & E, niacin, protein, and healthy fats. Plus, it tastes amazing!

Poochbutter by Nuts for Pets is safe for puppies and can be given as a treat using a small spoon, or by spreading onto a Lick Mat or inside your puppy’s fillable toy.

Pet Munchies 100% Natural Dog Treats

Pet Munchies 100% Natural Dog Treats such as the Sushi Training Treats are suitable for puppies from 4 months old. These premium gourmet tasty bites contain no artificial additives or preservatives, and are free from wheat, soya, and gluten.

Once your puppy reaches 4 months old, you can use Pet Munchies Natural Treats to ensure that you reward them with the very best after puppy training! 

Homemade Natural Puppy Treats

If you love to bake, you can spoil your puppy with homemade natural treats! We have a variety of baking mixes available at WOOOF that will make your puppy’s tail wag! Our Goji Berry & Turmeric Biscuit Mix is healthy, grain-free, and palm-oil free. It's great for baking a tasty treat for your well-behaved pup.

Puffed Chicken Feet

As we said before, for us humans the thought of eating Puffed Chicken Feet does not sound appealing in the slightest! But for our furry babies it’s one of their favourite natural treats.

As your puppy grows older and starts to begin adulthood, they can start tackling larger treats. Puffed Chicken Feet are air-dried to retain their natural flavour and offer a quick, chewy snack.

Natural Treats for Puppies from WOOOF

Natural and nutritious puppy treats play an important role in raising a healthy and happy pup due to their many health benefits. They can also be used to help with puppy training that will allow them to grow into lovable, well-behaved dogs.

At WOOOF, we adore all dogs and puppies and want them to flourish! That’s why we stock only the best natural dog food and treats for them to enjoy. We hope this article has helped you find some natural treats your new puppy will lap up!

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