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Give £10, get 10% commission!

Join our friendly WOOOF community and help your furr-ends sniff us out!

Share the love and gift £10 discount on their first order at* and you will receive a gift card for each referred friend with the value of 10% of their order value!

Min order £50, one use only.

How it works

Sign up and create a unique referral code you can share with your friends. 

Step 1: Use for form above to create your referral account

Step 2: Share your unique code with your friends and receive gift voucher with 10% of the email value (on your email) for each referred customer. 

 P.S. Check your email for registration confirmation. We will email you your gift card as soon as your friend places an order with your code. There is a delay associated with the gift cards, to account for order processing, and returns.


Should you need our support please shoot us a message on

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