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enrichment products for dogs

Enrichment Products Shopping Guide for Dog Parents

WOOOF began with a mission to deliver the highest quality products to other dog parents (or pawrents!)


So we have created a handy guide exploring all the types of enrichment products we have available that will improve your furry pal’s quality of life! Within this essential guide, we also delve into the different brands we support, and what makes their dog enrichment products so great!

What Are Enrichment Products

Enrichment products are so important for dogs as they provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, help alleviate separation anxiety, and assist in behaviour management. They allow dogs to have some control over their environment and encourage them to use their natural instincts.

We know that each dog's needs and preferences will differ depending on the breed and size. So what enrichment products are the right fit for your furry friend?


Our enrichment products fall under different levels: easy, intermediate, and hard enrichment products for dogs. We suggest starting off easy and see how your dog gets along!

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Types of Enrichment

Check out all the different types of enrichment products we have available below that will really allow your dog to thrive.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle Toys are becoming increasingly more popular because they incorporate food and challenge your furry pal to solve a puzzle to gain a treat. Puzzle toys are excellent for keeping your pooch entertained, reducing their anxiety, slowing down fast eaters, plus numerous other fantastic benefits… so there is no wonder as to why they are in the spotlight!


Zippypaws has created an excellent interactive puzzle toy that doubles as a slow feeder bowl. So you get the best of both! SmartyPaws Puzzler Feeder Wagging Wheel features textured side panels to make eating more of a challenge and a lot more fun for your pooch.


Similarly, the Smarty Paws Puzzler Donut Slider enrichment product teaches dogs problem solving skills with different levels of difficulty that entertain and reduce boredom! A fantastic puzzle toy to create a fun and engaging way for your pup to receive treats.


Treat Dispensers

Treat Dispensers are brilliant enrichment products for dogs. They provide mental stimulation, encourage problem-solving abilities, and reward positive behavior, ultimately promoting their overall mental and physical well-being.


One of our most popular enrichment treat dispensers that sells out fast has to be the Honey Pot for the larger breeds of dog needing a harder challenge by the brilliant SodaPup. This fun treat dispenser can be filled with all types of food, and it can be frozen to increase the feeding challenge. Another very popular treat dispenser at an easier level is the Zogoflex Toppl by WestPaw, available in a variety of sizes.


Similar to the Honey Pot, Toppl is designed to be filled with a dog’s favourite kibble or treats. However, it has an additional benefit of having the ability to be connected to other size Toppl’s to increase the challenge for those furry puzzle masters out there!

Enrichment Bowls

Research has previously shown that most slow feeder bowls are ineffective at slowing down a dog’s eating. However, our ebowls solve this problem by upping the challenge for your furry friend.

For example, Great Outdoors Design Ebowl Enrichment Slow Feeder For Dogs by SodaPup has a segmented design that is more difficult than other slow feeder bowls so it promotes healthy slower eating and improves digestion. It’s perfect for all sized dogs – puppies included!


Alternatively, the Honeycomb Design Enrichment Slow Feeder Bowl promotes healthy slower eating and improves dog digestion. Due to the different heights and depths of the bowl, your dog's natural foraging instincts will be really put to the test with this enrichment product!

Lick mats

Lickimat helps calm and soothe your pet as they enjoy their favourite treat by helping to release endorphins through the promotion of licking. The Lickimat is also a great alternative to the feeding bowl for small and medium sized dog breeds as raw, wet, dry, and liquid food can be served at the same time on the mat without making a mess.


Three designs of Lickimat are available: Lickimat soother with a brush tip design that is perfect for soft and liquid treats, or alternatively, Lickimat Tuff that is virtually indestructive for teething puppies or naughty dogs that will chew anything!

enrichment products for dogs
enrichment products for dogs

Burrow Toys

Burrow enrichment toys usually consist of a plush or fabric structure with multiple small compartments or holes. Dogs are naturally curious and enjoy using their problem-solving skills to figure out how to extract the smaller toys or treats hidden inside the burrow.


Burrow toys also provide anxiety and stress relief as many dogs find comfort in having a secure space or den-like environment that a burrow toy provides.

burrow enrichment products

Zippypaws provide the highest quality and safest enrichment burrow toys on the market with the aim to give pets the best life has to offer. Zippypaws enrichment burrow toys such as the Enrichment Burrow Honey Pot, Popcorn Bucket Burrow, Milk and Cookies, Lunchbox with Apples, and Coffee and Donutz burrow all have a similar theme – food! So, these mentally stimulating enrichment toys will keep your doggo entertained for hours.

Enrichment Gift Bundles

Our enrichment gift bundles for dogs will keep your pooch on their toes and thoroughly entertained with a variety of some of our best enrichment products. For example, the “Sweet as Honey” Enrichment Gift Bundle will keep your pooch sweet for years to come! Featuring the likes of The Honey Pot Enrichment Toy, Treat Dispenser, Slow Feeder, and even Peanut Pooch Butter.

We also supply enrichment gift bundles for puppies too. The Puppy Love Enrichment Gift Bundle is the perfect gift for any new pawrent and their precious little pup! Featuring some of our best products for puppies like SodaPup Can Toy that can be filled with your pup’s favourite treats, pooch butter, dental sticks, and puppy nibbles!

Shop Brands

At WOOOF, we have teamed up with brands who share our core values of sustainability, community, locally small eco-friendly businesses, and dog wellbeing.


With the help of these brilliant brands, we have created a platform that puts the health and happiness of our furry friends first.


Very similar to the story of WOOOF, SodaPup was set up by dog owners who struggled to find high quality enrichment toys for their dogs. 


SodaPup provides durable, high-quality enrichment products that are fun and innovative, but most importantly, also safe for dogs. These dog toys are built to last and will keep your pooch entertained for hours. 

SodaPup Enrichment Product


The Lickimat brand's story began with a mission to improve oral hygiene and oral health for their dog. 


A product was needed that stimulated the tongue to produce more saliva that would lead to healthier teeth and gums, and scraped the tongue to reduce undigested food particles and odor-causing bacteria. 


The Lickimat range challenges dogs to lick in order to retrieve their reward. Therefore, the licking action helps animals create more saliva, protecting their teeth and gums and freshening their breath. 


B Corp company, Westpaw's aim is to be a dog's best friend by making enrichment products dogs will love, ensuring they are kept safe and healthy.


All of Westpaw's products are made in their own factory so they know what goes into every product. Like WOOOF, they also care about people and the planet, too. This means they are eco-friendly in the materials and manufacturing choices they use. 


Their best-selling customisable puzzle and treat toys, Zogoflex Toppl, is designed to be filled with a dog's favourite kibble or treats until your dog conquers the challenge and nudges them out. To find out more, visit the link below.

Westpaw Enrichment Product


Zippypaws toys are designed keeping lifestyle in mind, ensuring that they are the highest quality and safest on the market.

Their exceptional enrichment products help to cultivate curiosity, harness innovation, and keep our furry friends wagging their tails!


From smart feeder puzzle bowls, to soft enrichment burrow toys, Zippypaws know how to make great innovative toys that provide hours of fun!

Zippypaws Enrichment Product
Enrichment products shopping with WOOOF

We hope this enrichment product shopping guide helps you find the perfect enrichment products to suit your dog’s needs!


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