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The "Puppy Love" Enrichment Gift Bundle for Dogs

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The "Puppy Love" Enrichment Gift Bundle for Dogs is the perfect gift for any new pawrent and their precious little pup!

Bundle includes:

  • SodaPup 'Can Toy' - a rubber enrichment toy designed to be filled with treats. The Puppy Rubber Compound is softer than other rubber toys and designed to soothe the tender mouths of teething pups. 
  • Poochbutter - a delightful dog-safe peanut butter for dogs with extra honey and coconut oil for a delicious nutritious boost by Nuts for Pets. 
  • Whimzees Puppy Dental Stick 3+ month olds. Clean teeth, freshens breath and reduces tartar and plaque.
  • Harringtons Fresh Bakes Puppy Nibbles - human-grade quality ingredients that are freshly prepared and gently baked in our traditional ovens to give a naturally tasty, locked-in nutrition that’s more easily digestible for your pet's health and happiness!

How to serve:

  • Fill with some sticky peanut butter 
  • Insert some Fresh Bakes Puppy Nibbles into the Can Toy.
  • Push down a dental stick and watch them be entertained and mind stimulated.

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