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Zee.Dog Dog Products

Brand of the Month: Zee.Dog Shopping Guide for Dog Products

Zee.Dog are a lifestyle brand that creates premium designed dog products to make yours and your dog’s life much more fashionable!


At WOOOF, we love’s wide range of high-quality harnesses, leads, and collars, as well as the brilliant dog toys they provide. That is why we have chosen them to be our Brand of the Month!


So that you can get to know the brand as well as we do, we have created this fun shopping guide exploring what Zee.Dog is all about. 

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The Zee.Dog Brand Story

From the very beginning in 2009, Zee.Dog had a mission: to connect dogs and people. It all started within a small messy studio in Los Angeles. The founders, Brazilian brothers Thadeu Diz and Felipe Diz, had just adopted two adorable dogs, Zeca and Lico, and were struggling to find good dog products for their new furry pals that they identified with.

This is because the pet industry had been dominated by the same large organisations for decades. These organisations had the mentality too just push out dog products they thought their target audience would be happy with, but never really introduced anything new and exciting. Dog accessories were never being sold or used as dog products of expression, or to showcase someone’s lifestyle.


This was until Zee.Dog…


Zee.Dog do things differently; they follow what is trending and create dog products that people would want as they truly understand their audience.

Zee.Dog's dog products range

Zee.Dog offers a wide range of dog products including collars, harnesses, leashes, bowties, as well as a fantastic toy range and beds. They launch new patterns every month for their fashionable dog products so you and your dog can really express your individual style. All of which are made from only the best materials and technology.


Zee.Dog’s dog products are all modern, fun, practical and comfortable, so that you and your doggo can feel confident and happy whilst out and about on walks.

Dog Harnesses

Zee.Dog provides some of the very best dog harnesses you can find in a variety of different styles. The best-selling from our website has to be the Galaxy FlyHarness as it is super lightweight and durable. The Galaxy FlyHarness is easy to put on in just one single click, and has a 3D knitted external layer and a breathable bottom mesh layer. 


The FlyHarness range is available in a range of different colours for you to choose from including the Wicked FlyHarness, the Vortex FlyHarness, and ACG FlyHarness, all featuring the same brilliant qualities.

Dog Leashes

Whether you are on the hunt for a no-pull dog leash, a hands-free leash, or a slip-on leash, Zee.Dog has the best dog leashes to choose from.


Some of Zee.Dog’s best dog products include the best-selling and award-winning, Ruff Leash, a stylish shock absorbing leash with a spring that is designed to stop your dog pulling during walks. With its combination of functionality and durability, the Ruff leash has won the hearts of dog owners across Brazil.


They also create many Handsfree Leashes that allow you to take your furry pal for a walk and still feel connected. The handsfree leashes can be worn around your waist or across your body using the E.zee lock adjustment buckle. Hands free leashes provide better control than hand-held leashes and allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable walking experience for you and your pooch.

Dog Collars

Dog collars that are adjustable and unique are really on trend right now as they are super soft and comfortable on your dog’s fur. Zee.Dog collars are made from durable polyester and feature a four-point lock that ensures your dog remains safe.


One of Zee.Dog's best-selling dog products collection is the Phantom line. The Phantom harness and collar are particularly popular amongst dog owners due to their timeless and elegant pattern. This harness and collar has an ergonomic fit, distributing pressure evenly to minimise strain on your dog's body. They also feature adjustable straps and secure buckles, allowing for a customised and secure fit.


The latest launch of dog collar, NEOPRO Bubblegum, was built with a NeoPro rubber overlay that protects the polyester, making it extremely weather proof and easy to clean and maintain. This style of collar is also available in neon green, a dog product with the same excellent qualities.

Discover Zee.Dog with Debora

We talk to Zee.Dog's brilliant Sales Representive, Debora, on her take on all of the Zee.Dog's dog products.

What is the difference between Ruff Leash and Airleash?

" We consider the Airleash to be an evolution of the Ruff Leash. While both dog products have their own unique features, the Airleash represents our most advanced offering. While the Ruff Leash is renowned for its spring mechanism, the Airleash takes things a step further with our proprietary elastic webbing technology called Flowtex™. This innovative feature absorbs the impact of any pulling from your dog, providing an extra layer of comfort and control. 


Both Leashes offer unique benefits, so choosing between them can be challenging. We often suggest dog owners having both leashes in their collection to experience the advantages of each and have a leash suitable for various situations.


Ultimately, whether you opt for the Ruff Leash with its spring mechanism, or the advanced features of the Airleash, Zee.Dog ensures high-quality, functional leashes that prioritise the comfort and safety of both dogs and their owners."

What is the best combination of lead and collar?

"Two of my favourite combinations are the Galaxy Fly-Harness paired with either the Cali Dos Airleash or the Gravity Hands-Free. The Galaxy Fly-Harness is a lightweight and durable option designed for outdoor adventures. For a versatile leash option, it is an excellent choice as it can be worn around your waist or across your body using Zee.Dog's E.zee lock adjustment buckle. This hands-free leash allows for better control and a more enjoyable walking experience for both you and your dog.


If you pair the Galaxy Fly-Harness with the Cali Dos Airleash, you'll benefit from the advanced features of the Airleash, such as the Flowtex elastic webbing technology, as well as the lightweight design and a secure anodized aluminium hook. It creates a match made in heaven!"

Two of my favourite combinations are the Galaxy Fly-Harness paired with either the Cali Dos AirLeash or the Galaxy Hands-Free."

Debora Bittencourt

From a Vet POV, do dogs need a harness?

"From a veterinarian's perspective, which is my background, I believe that a harness is of utmost importance for the safety of dogs, their owners, other dogs, and people around. While dogs are highly domesticated animals, they still possess natural instincts that can influence their behaviour in unpredictable situations.


Even in controlled environments, unexpected events can occur, such as a child running in front of them, the sight of a flying object, passing cars, or bikes. In such cases, having a harness attached to a lead provides better control over the situation, allowing pet owners to protect their dogs, themselves, and others. This is particularly crucial for dogs that become overly excited or tend to pull excessively during walks. The pressure on their neck and throat from a collar may not be ideal for their well-being, especially for breeds with respiratory concerns such as Pugs and French Bulldogs."

Dog Products: Dog on Harness
Cristina Glebova via Unsplash

What are the enrichment benefits of Zee.Dog toys?

"Zee.Dog provides a diverse range of toys designed to provide safe and enriching entertainment for dogs and cats. The Brainies is our best-selling dog product, featuring a non-toxic rubber exoskeleton and a solid nylon skeleton. This combination provides two different chewing sensations and the toys are even scented to stimulate a dog's desire to chew on them. 


My personal favourites include Mr.X and Mr.Cyclops, offering a two-stage play mode. They feature an exterior plush with gnaw guard technology for durability, along with an internal chew toy made of natural rubber. This design allows dogs to rip off the plush and focus their chewing on the internal toy, providing long-lasting enjoyment and stress relief.


Chewing toys such as these offer multiple benefits. They help relieve stress, prevent boredom, and promote better dental health." 

What is your personal favourite thing about Zee.Dog?

“My personal favourite aspect of Zee.Dog is their ability to create products that prioritise safety, fun, and style. From beds made with memory foam for optimal comfort to customisable and fashionable designs, Zee.Dog truly understands the importance of integrating pets into our lives seamlessly.”

WOOOF's Brand of the Month

At WOOOF, we have teamed up with brands who share our core values. Zee.Dog is such a brilliant brand and truly worthy of our brand of the month this July. We thank Debora for such an insightful look into Zee.Dog's dog products, and we hope you love their collections as much as we do!


With the help of amazing brands like Zee.Dog, we are able to create a platform that puts the health and happiness of our furry friends first. 

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