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Dogs at Christmas

10 Best Christmas Presents for Dogs

Christmas is just a month away and we are here to help you and your furry best friend get in the Christmas spirit! 


Did you know that a third of UK dog owners spend more money on Christmas presents for dogs than they do for their friends and family? It’s true! We can’t resist showing our special companions how loved they are. 


To help you share the love this Christmas with your beloved fur baby, we are going to provide you with the 10 best Christmas presents for dogs. Let's celebrate together!

Dogs in Christmas costumes
Noelle via Unsplash

1. Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t love popping windows open of their Advent Calendar during the countdown to Christmas? Well, now our furry friends can join in the fun too!


Your pup will look forward to every morning in December knowing that they have a tasty treat awaiting them. That’s why an Advent Calendar is one of the best Christmas presents for dogs.


In Denzel's Christmas Advent Calendar, your dog will find 24 yummy bags of different dog treats behind each window. 


These dog treats are made within the UK and Ireland with all natural ingredients! After all, our furry companions deserve the best.

2. Christmas Stocking

What better Christmas present for dogs than their very own Christmas Stocking? Add this delightful paw-shaped stocking to your mantlepiece so your canine best friend can feel included in the festive fun.


The stocking by Zippypaws has one opening and fits small toys, treats, and holiday stocking stuffers. Better yet, you can upgrade your Christmas stocking with a bundle including flavoured Furr Boost, doggy treats, and a Rylo enrichment toy. It doesn’t get much better than this, and we think your pooch will agree. 

3. Christmas Cracker and Bubbles

We love to pull Christmas Crackers while waiting for our Christmas dinner. Now your fur baby can join in with their very own Giant Christmas Cracker


This beautifully eye-catching festive cracker contains 3 exclusive Christmas flavours of dog-friendly bubbles. The flavours include Mince Pie and Candy Cane! So, your pup can enjoy these classic Christmas flavours in a dog-friendly way.


Grab your meaty-bubbles Christmas cracker quick as only a limited amount is available, and we are sure they’ll sell fast! 

4. Burrow Christmas Tree

You needle a Christmas tree in your life? Well, so does your furry pal! Burrow toys are designed to engage and satisfy your dog’s natural instincts like digging and uncovering hidden treasures. 


We all know that a Christmas tree hides some of the best treasures. Therefore, what better burrow toy to gift your special pup than this Christmas Tree Burrow Toy. It makes for the perfect Christmas present for dogs! This interactive toy keeps dogs engaged with hide-and-seek play, preventing boredom and boosting mental stimulation.


Simply push the baubles into the burrow holes of the Christmas Tree and watch your playful pup as they try to get them all out. If you don't like a Christmas Tree burrow, we have other Christmas-themed burrow toys like gingerbread men and reindeers! Alternatively, there are a wide range of burrow toys without a Christmas theme that we are sure your dog will love all year round.


5. Christmas Ornament Treat Dispenser

Is your pet always fascinated by the pretty ornaments on your Christmas tree? Well, now they can have their own in the form of a treat dispenser! Treat dispensers are must-have Christmas presents for dogs. They stimulate the mind, encourage problem-solving, and use rewards to promote both physical activity and mental engagement.


If your dog enjoys chewing, this Christmas ornament treat dispenser is strong and can handle dogs that chew aggressively. Fill the bauble treat dispenser with treats like kibble, peanut butter (or Poochbutter), canned dog food, or even your favourite dog treat recipe. 


We suggest giving dogs treat dispensers for Christmas. They help stop chewing and can ease separation anxiety - especially during the busy festive period! Check out our full range of treat dispensers via our website.

6. Christmas Flavoured Treats

You may be wondering what you can give your dog while you and your family are enjoying Christmas dinner. Well, at WOOOF we have got you covered! Pamper your pooch this festive season with delicious Turkey and Cranberry Sausage Treats. This way, your pup can also join in with Christmas dinner and enjoy some of the best flavours Christmas has to offer! 


Marleybone creates the yummy festive treats from 60% fresh turkey and wholesome cranberries. All natural and super-tasty with no nasties, grains, or fillers! So why not let your pooch feast on one of the best Christmas presents for dogs this festive season.

7. Christmas Jumper for Dogs

Who can resist a Christmas jumper at this time of year? We know we can’t! If your dog is one to like wearing clothes, then a Christmas jumper could be the perfect Christmas present for them. 


Your pup will look adorable sporting the “Santa, Promise I’ve Been Good” Christmas Jumper. Made with high-quality, soft yarn and featuring short sleeves, your dog will look cuddly and ready for Christmas day. There’s more where that came from too. The Ski Club Dog Christmas Jumper is very cozy and made for your pet's comfort during winter adventures!


Are you looking for a Christmas jumper to keep your beloved furry best friend warm this winter? Check out the options below that are perfect Christmas presents for dogs.

8. Edible Christmas Cards!

Do you still write Christmas cards out for your family and friends and wish your dog could join in? Well, guess what? They can! In their own way. 


We have a selection of EDIBLE Christmas cards for the perfect Santa’s Little Helper. For example, the “Merry Christmas” Turkey Flavoured Edible Card is made from scoff paper and is vegan-friendly. It’s also wheat, gluten, and grain-free! All ingredients are plant-based, and it contains no rawhide so your pup can enjoy chewing safely.

9. Luxury Boucle Bed

Cosy, luxury boucle dog beds keep your dog warm and comfortable during the coldest months. That’s why they are the perfect Christmas presents for dogs! These textured boucle fabric beds are a stylish dog owners must-have. The concept originated from a frustrated dog mom tired of buying short-lived, cheap dog beds.


These machine-washable boucle beds are durable, ensuring they stand the test of time and are a worthwhile purchase. Consider treating your dog to a luxurious upgrade if their bed needs replacing and your budget allows. Your dog will well and truly be a pampered pooch this Christmas!


10. Luxury Buddy’s Dog Collar

If your dog’s collar is looking worn, a luxury dog collar will be the perfect Christmas present. Buddy’s dog collars are trendy and made from 100% organic cotton with real cowhide. Your dog will attract everyone’s attention during your daily walks thanks to the collars beautiful bohemian pattern. Just check out the stunning Peyote Red Handcrafted Dog Collar created with natural leather and antique gold metal hardware. 


To stand out even more, luxury Buddy’s Dog Collars have matching leads available to buy! All of which are carefully hand-made in Spain. They are lovely Christmas presents for dogs to show your appreciation for your lovable furry pal.

Christmas Presents for Dogs from WOOOF

We hope our list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for dogs helps you find the perfect festive present for your furry friend. To see even more fantastic festive suggestions, visit our full  Festive Dog Gift Guide for Christmas!


For your dog's gifts, use our eco-friendly and plastic-free Woofy Christmas Wrapping Paper. This way, your pup can take part in the Christmas morning present unwrapping so you can celebrate together! Merry Wooofmas.

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