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Festive Dog Gift Guide for Christmas

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again! We are all looking forward to coming together to celebrate all things festive with mulled wine, mince pies, and of course, presents.


Christmas is also the pawfect time to spoil your fur baby with gifts! Did you know that 70% of pet owners buy their furry friend a present for Christmas? We think the percentage should be even higher! 


So, we have created this Christmas Gift Guide to help you find the best festive dog gift. It’s time to celebrate together with our fur best friends!

Dog surrounded by festive gifts
Izabelly Marques via Unsplash

Festive Dog Gift: Shop Advent Calendars!

In the countdown to Christmas, who says our furry pals can’t join in on the fun! Advent Calendars make for a great festive dog gift. This means that as we open the windows of our Advent Calendars, our dogs can join in and savor a daily treat!


Our Gourmet Sausage Advent Calendar contains 24 grain-free sausages to take your pups right the way through to Christmas Day. The calendar contains two festive flavours, Venison or Turkey and Cranberry Delight. These snacks have important nutrients and give our pets a good amount of high-quality protein.


If you and your dog want more options, Denzel's Christmas Advent Calendar will ensure your pup is happy during the holidays. It contains not one, not two, but twenty-four delicious bags of treats with six different recipes to enjoy! So why not choose your dog an advent calendar today to celebrate the Christmas Countdown together with your best friend.

Festive Dog Gift: Shop Christmas Treats!

Christmas is a time when we enjoy some of our favourite festive treats. Whether that be mince pies, yule log, gingerbread, or Christmas pudding with a drink of mulled wine. As we enjoy our Christmas treats, our dogs can also snack on festive flavors and be part of the celebrations.


The brilliant Denzel’s have brought out Christmas flavoured treats for dogs to enjoy. Our pups may not be able to eat human food like mince pies, but they can enjoy the flavours in special dog treats.

Christmas Mince Pie Traybake for Dogs has two tasty chews with a mix of oranges, cinnamon, ginger, and cranberries. Similarly, the Christmas Gingerbread Chews for Dogs is also a delicious festive snack for our four-legged friends to enjoy. Made with all natural ingredients and gluten-free.


Marleybone have made some special limited edition Turkey & Cranberry Treats for Dogs. This means when we are enjoying our Christmas dinners, our pups can also lap up the classic festive flavours.


As we are enjoying our drinks such as mulled wine or festive flavoured hot chocolate, our dogs can also do the same. The brilliant Furr Boost have added some festive flavours to their dog drinks range just in time for Christmas! These include Turkey, Parsnip, and CranberrySalmon, Sweet Potato & Blueberry, and Venison, Butternut Squash & Cranberry. They have also released a vegan option for our fur babies to love. 

Festive Dog Gift: Shop Santa’s Milk and Cookies

Do you still leave milk and cookies out for Santa and his reindeers? The new Christmas Enrichment Burrow Toy: Santa’s Milk and Cookies is the perfect festive dog gift to leave out for Santa Paws! 


Your dog will love to bury their nose into the milk carton to dig out the cookies. This toy keeps your dog entertained and stimulated with hide-and-seek play, preventing boredom and promoting mental activity.


Alternatively, you could use one of our baking mixes and make your own treats to leave out for Santa! Or you could use our new Silicone Christmas Shapes Mould Treat Tray to pour in some of your dog’s favourite liquid treats (like Furr Boost) and freeze for some festive looking treats! 

Festive Dog Gift: Shop Stockings

When decorating your house for Christmas, why not add a Christmas Stocking for your dog above the fireplace? They can fit small toys, treats, and holiday stocking stuffers. This way, your pup can join in on the excitement during Christmas morning! 


At WOOOF, we recommend a Stocking Bundle, where you can have a pre-filled stocking bundle for your dog ready for the big day! 

Festive Dog Gift: Shop Enrichment Toys

There are so many festive enrichment toys your dog can play with this Christmas. Whether your pup loves treat dispensers, burrow toys, chew toys, rope toys, or lick mats, we have got you covered! They all make for the pawfect festive dog gift to keep your pup entertained this winter.

Treat Dispensers

We offer a variety of Christmas-themed treat dispensers to keep our furry friends mentally engaged and entertained for hours.


When decorating the Christmas tree, our dogs can join in on the fun by chewing on the Christmas Ornament Tree Treat Dispenser. It's designed to withstand the chewing of even the most 'power-chewer' dogs and it will help your pup fight boredom by dispensing treats. We also recommend the strong and long-lasting Christmas Tree Treat Dispenser that can help with chewing, boredom, and separation anxiety.


To keep your dog entertained whilst you are opening Christmas Presents, the Christmas Present Shaped Treat Dispenser will release treats as your dog plays!  


There’s more where that came from too. Check out all our latest festive dog gift treat dispensers below.

Christmas Burrow Toys

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a festive burrow toy? We have so many adorable Christmas burrow toys to choose from for your furry pal to snuggle and play with. 


If your favourite part of Christmas is the Christmas tree – we wouldn’t blame you. Your pup will equally love the Christmas Tree Burrow Toy with its soft and squeaky ornaments to pull out from the Christmas Tree holes. It’s the perfect interactive toy to keep your dog busy and engaged during Christmas!


Do you love nothing more than stuffing a Christmas Stocking with surprises? The Christmas Enrichment Burrow Soft Squeaky Stocking is the pawfect way for your doggo to join in with the stocking filling fun. Just push the soft bones inside the holes of the Stocking Burrow and watch your furry pal excitedly try to pull them out. 


See our full range of festive burrow toys below!

Chew Toys

All dogs will feel the need to chew. So, it’s important that they have an appropriate outlet to gnaw on and satisfy that need! Luckily, we have a few new festive additions to our dog chew toy collection.


The Red Knotted Love Heart Toy is great for chewing, throwing, and retrieving games with our furry friends this winter. It cleans their teeth in a playful way and will satisfy their chewing urges. 


If you have a teething pup, the Christmas ZippyTuff Teether Puppy and Dog Chew is ideal. The toy is made of flexible but durable TPR material, and dogs have fun chewing, fetching, and playing tug of war with it!


If your dog is a more destructive chewer, we recommend the Christmas Ultra Durable Nylon Dog Chew Toy: Snowflake as it is built to withstand even the most aggressive chewers. This dog toy will also keep your furry friend’s teeth clean and their breath smelling fresh. It’s the perfect festive dog gift.

Rope Toys

Does your dog love a good game of tug of war? Then one of our Christmas rope toys will be the perfect festive dog gift for them. Christmas Ropetugz, which come in the form of Santa, Reindeer, or Bear, use the same 2/3" durable rope used in Climbers leashes! This means they are extra tough and can withstand hours of tugging and play with your dog this Christmas! 

Lick Mats

Lick Mats are the hottest new dog enrichment toy and for good reason! They make for a brilliant festive dog gift providing your pup with hours of enrichment. Simply spread your pet’s favourite soft treat across the surface of the emat and let them lick. 


When your dog licks the contents of the mat, it’s proven that the process soothes and calms your dog. It also promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth, healthy gums, and stimulates saliva to aid digestive health.

Festive Dog Gift: Shop Accessories

Do you like to dress up for the festive season in Christmas jumpers and other accessories? Now your furry best friend can join in too. We have a collection of adorable festive bandanas, jumpers, collars, and bows for your dog to sport this Christmas! 


If your pooch is one to enjoy a good accessory, check out our new products below. 

Luxurious Festive Dog Gifts

If you have the budget and want to pamper your furry best friend, explore our fabulous and luxurious festive dog gifts. We adore the fancy Teddy London dog beds made with soft boucle fabric, in various colours to pick from. These soft and textured boucle dog beds are a stylish dog owners must have! They are machine washable and last the test of time.


If your dog’s collar and lead is needing an upgrade, Buddy’s handcrafted dog collars and leads make for a fantastic festive dog gift for your furry friend. The beautiful Peyote Blue Dog Collar is made with real leather and gold hardware, making it strong and long-lasting. You can pair this with the Peyote Blue Handcrafted Dog Lead made with the same luxurious materials. After all, our fur babies deserve the very best!

Celebrating Christmas with our best friends here at WOOOF

At WOOOF, we encourage celebrating Christmas together with your furry best friend. We hope these new festive products help you to do just that! To see all our Christmas selection, hop over to our website today and have a browse:

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