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Dog  celebrating Birthday

Pawsome Shopping Guide For Your Dog's Birthday!

It’s a new year, which means Birthday’s will be rolling back around again. Research has shown that 70% of owners celebrate their dog’s birthday every year. 22% even said it was one of their favourite days of the year! 


Do you celebrate your furry best friend’s special day? If so, then it’s time to get planning. To help you, we have created this pawsome birthday shopping guide so you can find everything you need to spoil your lovable pooch.

Laula Co via Unsplash

Shop Edible Dog Birthday Cards

It’s not just us humans who can receive a birthday card! Edible dog birthday cards are a fun and delicious way to celebrate your dog’s special day. These cards are made from Scoff Paper, which is vegan friendly and wheat, gluten, and grain free. Plus, Scoff Paper contains no rawhide, so you can feel assured it’s safe for dogs to consume. 


The edible cards come in a variety of flavours. The colourful Happy Birthday card for dogs has a yummy bacon flavour for your pup to devour! You can write messages inside them to show your love for your furry best friend with an Edible Ink Pen


If you celebrate your dog's birthday on the date they joined your family, the ‘Happy Gotcha Day’ edible card will be perfect for the occasion. 


Check out the full variety of edible cards below. We have some to suit multiple occasions – not just your dog’s birthday! 

Shop Dog's Birthday Cake and Biscuit Mixes

Birthday cakes are the staple of any birthday party. If you love to bake, you could make your pup a delicious dog-friendly treat to enjoy. For example, you could bake a paw-licking carrot cake using the Carrot Cake Dog Treat Baking Pouch by Doggy Baking Co. This product has lots of carrots with fibre, which helps your pet's digestion and has beta-carotene benefits.


Alternatively, you can use one of our Biscuit Baking Kit jars to make loads of drool-worthy biscuit snacks for your dog's birthday! They make for the perfect party treat. See below for our variety of mixes for tasty treats that your pup will go bananas for.

Shop Dog Birthday Gifts

Show your pup how much you love and appreciate them by showering them with treats and gifts on their birthday! Birthdays are always the perfect excuse to spoil the ones we love after all. 

Sam Lion via Pexels

Gift Sets and Bundles for your dog's birthday

A great place to start is the Birthday Card and Treats Gift Box by Denzel’s. To celebrate your dog’s birthday, you will find two packs of special birthday treats and a birthday card inside. Irish crafters make Denzel's dog birthday treats with all-natural ingredients, no sugar or harmful additives included!


We also have a variety of Bundles that make for the perfect presents for your dog’s birthday. The popular “Im-PECK-able” Enrichment Gift Bundle will keep your pooch on their toes during their special day. This lovely gift box features the much-loved Honey Pot Enrichment Toy, delightful Poochbutter, delicious Puffed Chicken Feet, and tasty Denzel’s Nut Butter Bites.  


If you are wanting to splash the cash more, the “Sweet as Honey” Enrichment Gift Bundle is a fantastic gift for your dog’s birthday. Spoil your dog on their special day with the Honey Pot, Honeycomb Bowl, Honeycomb Lick Mat, Honey Bear, an enormous 1kg tub of Poochbutter, along with the Poochbutter Pal. All of which are available within the gift bundle!


For a cheaper option, the “I WOOOF You More Than Cheese” Gift Bundle will also show your dog how much you love them on their birthday. It contains delicious Gourmet Chicken and Cheese Slices and a Heart Knotted Tug Toy

Soft Toys for your dog's birthday

Does your dog love nothing more than snuggling a soft, plush toy? At WOOOF, we have the perfect Birthday Box to celebrate your dog’s birthday! The set comes with a small Birthday Cake plush toy, a “Happy Birthday!” balloon plush toy, and a cute birthday hat with elastic headband. This adorable birthday kit available in blue or pink will ensure your pup is party ready! 


Alternatively, we have a wide variety of enrichment soft toys dogs will love to receive on their birthday. Choose from the fun Donutz Sprinkle Plush Toy or the colourful Pinata Burrow for your dog's birthday party. Both toys have squeakers and are perfect for your furry friend. Soft Burrow Toys such as these are perfect interactive toys that will keep dogs busy and engaged.


Shop all our Doggy Soft Toys available to purchase for your dog's birthday below!

Bubbles for your dog's birthday

Meaty Bubbles are a fun and safe way to provide your dog with hours of entertainment and enrichment on their birthday! They are non-toxic, vegan-friendly and made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients that are safe for pets.


Simply blow the bubbles and watch as your dog chases after each one and pops them with excitement. Meaty Bubbles are available in a variety of flavours – including a special birthday cake addition! These bubbles help you bond with your dog, providing fun and interactive playtime for both you and your furry companion.

Shop Dog’s Birthday Gift Wrap

Now you have your dog’s birthday gift ready, it’s time to wrap it up! The adorable Dachshund Dog Birthday Wrapping Paper is eco-friendly, made from sustainable paper without any plastic. It’s fully recyclable and compostable after use, making it a great choice to wrap up your dog’s birthday surprise. 


The Dogs Recycled Eco Kraft Wrapping Paper is good for two reasons. First, it uses dog-safe ink. Second, it can be recycled with your regular paper waste. At WOOOF, we love surprising our dogs in a sustainable way!

Birthday Wrapping Paper
Birthday Wrapping Paper

Shop Dog's Birthday Grooming Kits

There is no better way to pamper your dog on their birthday! A dog grooming kit will ensure your pup looks their very best on their special day. We have a variety of dog grooming kits to choose from. 


The Travel Dog Pamper Kit includes everything necessary for bathing a dog. It contains shampoo, paw-cleaner, cloth, and cologne. These products are designed to make dogs look and smell good. 


If your dog is in need of a self-care routine, the Perfect Shine Cleansing Pack contains three daily essentials that will ensure your dog’s coat is shiny, soft, and clean. This set includes Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo, a brush for cleaning the coat, and Antiseptic Wipes for a soothing experience.


To really make your dog's birthday special, how about shopping for Deluxe Grooming Gift Sets? The Woofpack Grooming Travel Gift Set is a great collection of scented grooming products. It comes in a zip-up bag and has everything your dog needs to feel pampered. It’s the pawfect choice for your dog’s birthday. 

Shop Dog's Birthday Bandanas

Your dog can now celebrate their birthday in style with fashionable and fun party bandanas! To put these bandanas on your dog, slide their collar through the opening in the bandana. Then, fasten the collar around their neck.


Check out the Polkadot “It’s my Birthday” Bandana and imagine how cute your pup will look sporting it on their special day! We also have Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl, and Celebration bandanas for your dog to enjoy. See our collection below!

Shop Dog's Birthday Gift Cards

If you are purchasing for another special dog's birthday in your life, you can share the love through gifting a Digital Gift Card! You can use this to buy any products from our website – including food, treats, toys, bedding, and more. It's a great gift if you are unsure of the dog’s preferences, as it means their owner can choose for them!


Simply purchase the gift card by placing in your bag at checkout. The digital gift card will then be emailed to your chosen recipient. If you place an order which only contains a gift card, there will be no delivery charge.

Celebrating your dog’s birthday with

We hope this shopping guide helps you spoil your beloved pooch this year. Feel free to visit our website for the full variety of gifts to celebrate your dog's birthday:

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