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Top 10 dog products of the year based on your reviews!

Our four-legged furry friends mean the world to us, so of course we want to spoil them with the very best dog products. But with so many dog products out there, it can be difficult to choose between them.


This is why reviews are so important because they ensure that customers like you are spending their money the right way. So, we thought we would end the year by rounding up the top 10 favourite dog products during 2023, based on our customer reviews! 

Dog with dog toys
Marieke Koenders via Unsplash

1. Honey Pot Enrichment Treat Dispenser

One of our top best sellers of 2023 has to be The Honey Pot! This fun treat dispenser can hold yummy dog treats like kibble, canned food, peanut butter (or Poochbutter), or homemade treats. Another awesome way to use the Honey Pot is by popping it in the freezer with treats inside, your pup will love the chilly challenge! It's a miracle-worker that stops chewing, fights boredom, and eases separation anxiety.


The Honey Pot also encourages dogs to eat slowly and not as if they are taking part in a race! It allows your pup to have mental stimulation during mealtimes and will decrease chances of indigestion.

But what do our customers have to say?

“I couldn’t recommend this more! It’s so easy to fill and I love the idea of a rabbit ear stuck in and then frozen. He used to just get frustrated with Kong’s and give up, but because he can lick so much surface on this, it keeps him happy for ages and gives me a little peace!”


“Fantastic product, great size for my lab x cocker spaniel. Perfect for freezing with goodies and keeps him busy for ages. Also, confident to leave him with it in his crate as the chew is really solid and his chewing hasn’t chipped any off (and he is a chewer!).”


“These are incredible! My Springador puppy wouldn’t sit still or stopped eating anything. This keeps him quiet for 90 minutes, and it gave all 3 of them enrichment that they needed. Highly recommend!”


2. Dogsee Yak Enrichment Toy (Yeti Dog Chew)

Dogsee Treatoys, also known as Yeti Dog Chew, are yak bar nugget treat dispensers. They have been loved by our customers in 2023. The Yeti's are available in three different colours to choose from (pink, blue, or green), and come with 6 Yak Bar nuggets. They are the perfect enrichment dog products for light and moderate chewers.


So, how do they work? Just insert a Yeti Nugget, microwave the toy with the nugget for 45-60 seconds at 750 Watts, and see the nugget puff up to twice its size. Following this, let the nugget cool before letting your dog play with the toy and retrieve the crunchy yak chew!


Lorraine says, “The best thing I’ve bought my dog! Honestly, my Lab loves this. Found it difficult keeping her entertained during the day but I’ve found my saviour… I wish I’d bought it ages ago.”


Megan, another excited customer, reveals, “Thank you, Poppy loves her Yeti! She gets so excited when it comes out of the cupboard.”

Did your dog not get to enjoy a Yeti in 2023? Don’t let them miss out in 2024! Check out the adorable dog products below.

3. The “Im-PECK-able Enrichment Gift Bundle

The “Im-PECK-able” Enrichment Gift Bundle of dog products has been keeping your pups on their toes during 2023! 


This special bundle includes the popular Honey Pot Enrichment ToyPoochbutterPuffed Chicken Feet, and Denzel’s Nut Butter Bites made with 100% natural ingredients. 


Our 5-star reviews show that the “Im-PECK-able” Enrichment Gift Bundle is well-worth the purchase.  

Check out what our customers have to say below!

“Great value for money! You get loads of chicken feet. They lasted my dogs ages, and they love them! The Honey Pot is perfect for filling and even freezing.”


“The ‘Im-PECK-able bundle was a fantastic little treat for my pup but would also make a perfect gift for the other dog parents in your life! Really impressed, I will be back.”


“Wow, this bundle is so yummy! I watched Mama make it up for me and whined the whole time as she was taking too long. The crispy chicken feet, sticky nut butter, and Denzel's low-calorie treats were all delicious and I couldn't stop eating them. I can’t wait to try different things in it. You NEED this bundle of dog products, it’s suppaw yummy!”

A furry reviewer called Frankie!

4. Natural WOOOF Own Treats: Gourmet Chicken and Cheese Slices

Our WOOOF own Gourmet Slices are not only delicious but healthy too! We are thrilled that our furry customers love these tasty training treats. Great for all dogs, regardless of breed or size. These dog products are perfect for canines with allergies, digestive issues, or sensitive stomachs.


We know our fur babies deserve nothing but the best, so our WOOOF treats are delicious, and a great source of protein.


Anna exclaims, “Hugo loved the cheese and chicken treats. As soon as the box was opened, his little nose could sniff them out! 


Steph says, “Natural training treats are a massive hit! Especially the chicken and cheese training slices. So handy to use when out for walks and for recall.”

5. Un-Bee-Lievable Enrichment Gift Bundle

The Honey Pot really is a popular one this year so there is little surprise why any Bundle of dog products including this fantastic enrichment toy is incredibly popular with our customers!


The Un-Bee-Lievable Enrichment Bundle has everything you need to make an un-BEE-lievable delicious and fun enrichment toy for your pup! The dog products bundle includes Honey PotPoochbutterFurry Rabbit Ears and a Nuts for Pets Topper! 


Elle says, “My dogs absolutely love this bundle! All of it was great quality and super yummy. The different flavours definitely kept them busy for a while, even longer when frozen!”


Amanda declares, “This is such a great bundle and everything you need to give your dog a great enrichment experience.” 

6. Furr Boost

Furr Boost is a tasty, 100% natural, hydrating smoothie drink made especially for dogs. If your dog is reluctant to drink water, these tasty dog products are irresistible for your pup. It certainly looks like this was the case in 2023! Furr Boost hydration drinks are suitable for all year round and come in a range of flavours to suit even the fussiest of dogs. 


Trixie gives Furr Boost dog products a 5* review and says, “I was sceptical to get this, thinking it can’t make much difference. However, mixing his raw dinner in the Honey Pot kept him entertained and prevented havoc when he was left alone. I will buy this again in the future!”


Another 5* review from a customer enthuses, “My 8-month-old Rottweiler puppy just loves her new drink. She loves it just the same when we put it on her dry food.”


If your furry friend loves Furr Boost dog products, don’t forget to check out the new flavours that recently became available!

7. Natural WOOOF Own Treats Chicken & Salmon Treats

Your dog’s love their chicken and it shows! Another of our chicken treats has made it into the Top 10 for 2023. Our WOOOF natural treat dog products are perfect for all breeds and sizes. They also act as an ideal training treat for dogs with allergies, digestive issues, or sensitive stomachs. 


Lisa reveals, “My pup loved these, I liked that you could cut up smaller for training. They didn’t last long, and she was very happy training when these were on offer!”


Courtney also recommends, “Generous sized bag and a really good value for money! My two girls absolutely loved these, perfect for walks and to be used as training treats.” 


Does your pooch need some Gourmet Chicken & Salmon in their life? Visit our website today to get your first purchase!


8. Lick Mats

SodaPup Lick Mats have always been popular dog products here at WOOOF and in 2023 it was no different. We even added some special themed editions to our range such as Bones Slow Feeder Lickimat for Halloween and the Christmas Tree Design eMat for some festive fun! 


Lick Mats are the hottest new enrichment dog products on the market and for good reason! Lick mats help to calm and entertain your dog as they lick their favourite treats across the textured surface of the mat. They also promote fresh breath, healthy teeth, and gums. 


Vikki says, “My dog was so excited when she received the purple lick mat. I’m really enjoying having fun with what I put on it for her to lick away at. Her favourite is the classic banana and peanut butter combo.”


Another customer enthuses, “Very attractive lick mats! Easy to order and received promptly. I ordered the honeycomb one and a duckie one. They are great for smaller dogs.”

9. Puffed Pig Snouts

Our Puffed Pig Snouts dog products are air-dried to preserve their natural flavour. They are also larger and more delicious than they appear, making them a delightful treat for our furry friends!


That’s why they have been a popular choice with our pups this year. Puffed Pig Snouts offer a quick, chewy, high protein snack for dogs of all ages. They are also lower in odour compared to the natural version!


Emma enthuses in a 5* review, “Wow, this is definitely a 5-star experience! Gus & Daisy, my two miniature Dachshunds LOVED all the treats I chose for them. The puffed pig snouts went down a real treat, I had never heard of or seen them before!” 


Another customer, Charlie, was astounded by their size, “First time ordering from WOOOF and oh my, the treats went down well. We had some puffed pig snouts, and they were absolutely MASSIVE! My two sausage dogs LOVE them, quiet for ages. Thank you so much!” 

10. Grey Pet Cave

One of our best-selling dog products was still a much-loved choice in 2023. This lightweight, modern, pet home is a wonderful and cosy hideaway for our furry babies. You can even roll it up and place into a bag allowing you to carry a familiar spot for your pet when travelling! 


“Our dogs love the cone bed we ordered!” exclaims one customer over on our TrustPilot.


Another customer says, “Our dogs LOVE their cave style bed. We wanted to find one that was stylish and comfortable, and this is it!” 


The Grey Pet Cave creates a little nook where your furry buddy can curl up and feel safe. It’s the perfect place for pets who need some solitude. If you think your dog will benefit from a Cone Bed, check the product out on our website today.

Dog products from WOOOF

We hope that you and your special furry best friend have loved the dog products you have received from us in 2023!


At WOOOF, we really appreciate every paw-sitive review we get on our dog products! We’d love to hear your thoughts via our Trustpilot today:

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