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NEW! Honey Pot 2.0 Large Durable Rubber Treat Dispenser & Enrichment Toy for Dogs

by SodaPup
Original price £13.99 - Original price £13.99
Original price
£13.99 - £13.99
Current price £13.99
Color: Classic - Yellow

This new and improved honeypot is finally here! Featuring an innovative Pup-X material, the same one that has been a fan favourite in Flower pots, this product is features superior durability, colour vibrancy, and it floats! Honey pot is now available in a range of exciting colours including the Classic Yellow, Pink, Blue and the Limited Edition Purple! Which one would your honey-bear pick?

SodaPup has taken heaps of inspiration from the friendly bumblebee to create a delightful range of dog enrichment toys. They've whipped up honeycomb emats, honey stick chew bones, and honey bear treat dispensers. And now, they've added the final piece to their honey-inspired collection – a charming fillable enrichment honey pot!

If Winnie the Pooh were a dog, he'd wag his tail in delight, and your furry friend will too. This nifty treat dispenser offers your dog a world of fun and enrichment.

TREATS GALORE: Say goodbye to doggy boredom with the Honey Pot dog toy. Fill it up with treats like kibble, canned dog food, peanut butter, or your special homemade dog treats. For extra excitement, mix wet and dry foods. You can even pop it in the freezer with treats inside for a cool challenge that'll keep your dog entertained.

EAT SLOWLY, PAW-SITIVELY: Does your dog eat like they're in a race? The Large Honey Pot can help your pup savour their meals at a more leisurely pace. Not only does it stop fast gobbling, but it also gives your dog some mental stimulation during mealtime.

TROUBLE-FREE TREAT: This toy is like a little miracle worker. It puts a stop to pesky chewing problems, fights off the boredom blues, and can even help ease separation anxiety.

Sizing: 3.3" long x 3.3" wide x 3.3" high

Approx. 8.4 cm x 8.4 cm x 8.4 cm, and fits about a cup of food

Weight: 8 oz (Approx. 227 grams), which is about the same as a large apple.

Make your dog's day better with this interactive toy. It's a fun way to keep your dog happy and excited, like a bumblebee.

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