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Dog Pinecone Puzzle Toy

Product Highlight: Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy

At WOOOF, we love interactive puzzle dog toys and the mental stimulation they provide for our furry pals. Today, we wanted to highlight one fantastic puzzle dog toy in particular – the Loblolly Pinecone!

We're all familiar with how much dogs enjoy playing with pinecones. The Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy is great for indoor play in your living room, minus the mess! It allows you hide treats for your furry friend to encourage mental stimulation. Simply place treats on the outside scales or fill the inside for hours of playtime!

So, who made this clever puzzle dog toy invention?

Loblola's Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy

Loblola seek to reconnect dogs with nature through evoking their natural play instincts. Their durable puzzle dog toy sparks adventure and curiosity, bringing the inspiring beauty of the outdoors into a dog’s home. We admire Loblola's compassion and devotion to dog's and nature, which is at the heart of their brand.

In the following interview, you'll learn all about Loblola's brand story. Including exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the interactive Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy. We also discover their exciting plans moving forward!

Firstly, how did the idea of the Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy come about? Can you give us a behind-the-scenes insight?

The idea for the Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy came from my dog Lola. I had taken her on her first camping trip when she was just a puppy. While I was setting up camp, Lola was wandering around and sniffing all the new scents. This was when she came across her very first pinecone.

Lola immediately laid down with it and started tugging at all the scales with her teeth. It felt like the most natural thing in the world for her, playing with pinecones.

When we got home, I looked online for a pinecone dog toy. I really wanted Lola to have a piece of the woods at home with her, but I couldn't find anything. So, I decided I would make it for her. Thus began the greatest labor of love of my life.

What do you admire most about the Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy?

I love how simple and beautiful the Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy is! I think that's what catches people's eye first (I hear a lot of, "Wait, this is a dog toy?"). Our design philosophy is "true-to-nature”, so it comes by its beauty honestly.

I try to let Mother Nature inform the design while I balance in functionality. I'm absolutely nutty about the details, but the end result is really wonderful. We get so many kind notes from people who really appreciate the attention given to the design of the Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy. It's definitely what sets us apart.

What is the best dog treat to use with the Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy?

There are two really good ones: Ziwi Peak's Air-Dried Dog Food and Ryoken Instinct's Ruku bars. Both are flat squares so they tuck really perfectly behind the scales of the Pinecone!

I also love using peanut butter with it! I like to put a little dab behind all the scales of the Pinecone and then freeze it. It keeps my dogs engaged and happy for around 20-30 minutes, giving me time to work or unwind.

(If you like the idea of using peanut butter, the interactive Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy can be paired with Nuts for Pets Peanut Poochbutter. It's the ultimate tasty treat!)

What are Loblola’s plans for the future? Any exciting developments to look out for?

Yes! Right now, we're building out our line of dog toys and products, about 6-8 in total. We currently have 3 new products in development: two toys and a slow-feeder bowl!

We have already shown sneak peaks of the Milkcap Mushroom Dog Toy. In which we are expecting to release this Autumn in two colours. Other sneak-peeks are coming soon! You can catch them on our Instagram page, @lobloladogtoys!

The overall plan is to keep Loblola small. It may seem silly, but there tends to be this singular way of viewing business goals, which is a hand-over-fist growth. That's not what I've ever envisioned.

I like being hands-on, working with independent pet stores like Wooof, having time to talk with people who have questions. These relationships tend to be so warm and bring so much joy to the business (in addition to all the dogs). So, keeping Loblola small and sustainable is my biggest goal.

Interactive Puzzle Dog Toys from WOOOF

We thank Jenna for an insightful look into the Pinecone Puzzle Dog Toy and its fantastic qualities. We can’t wait to see Loblola’s new line of dog toys and products coming to market soon. 

In the meantime, visit our website today to purchase the durable and bouncy Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Toy. It’ll keep your beloved furry pal entertained for hours!

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