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Restore Topper for Dogs

by Maxbone
Original price £24.95 - Original price £24.95
Original price
£24.95 - £24.95
Current price £24.95

Give your dog a boost of raw nutrition with the maxbone eats Restore Salmon Meal Topper. This grain-free, gluten-free, and freeze-dried formula is made in the USA with wild Alaskan salmon and multi-tasking superfoods that will nourish and sustain your dog's body.

Sprinkle on top of your pet’s regular food for those picky eaters, as an added protein boost, or simply to get the benefits of raw food into your pet's everyday diet.

Our meal toppers enhance​ the nutritional value of your dog's current dry or wet food and ​is an excellent choice for ill or ​senior​ dogs, finicky eaters,​ or as a great transition to a freeze-dried raw diet. Can be shipped only within the US Net Weight: 6oz.

Superfoods included: Whole Wild Alaskan Salmon, Zucchini, Seaweed, Broccoli, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Blueberries, Turmeric.

Good for: Joint support, Omega-3 fatty acids, healthy coat, anti-inflammatory.

0.5 lb

Made in United States of America