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Dog with classic  KONG

15 dog enrichment toy alternatives to the Classic KONG you may not know!

As a dog owner, you are probably familiar with the Classic KONG dog enrichment toy. After all, it has become the staple for dogs around the world for over 40 years! KONG’s offer enrichment through helping to satisfy our dogs’ instinctual needs. 


KONG toys are perfect for keeping your dog mentally active and entertained. Their unpredictable bounce adds excitement to fetch games, making playtime with your furry friend even more enjoyable! They can also be stuffed with your pup’s favourite treats and snacks for further enrichment playtime. There’s no wonder why they have been such a statement in the dog world for over 40 years.


However, this doesn’t mean this dog enrichment toy does not have any cons. For example, it can be more difficult to fill and layer and slightly harder to clean than some other toys on the market. Some dogs may even feel frustrated with the KONG’s and find the treat dispensing more difficult. 


So, what are the alternatives? As great as the KONG’s are, it’s always good to add some variety to your dog’s daily enrichment. In this article, we explore the best 15 dog enrichment toy alternatives to the classic KONG!

Dog  with KONG
Taylor Sondgeroth via Unsplash

1. Goodie Bone by KONG

An easier dog enrichment toy alternative to the KONG  is of course the Goodie Bone by KONG. If you and your beloved fur baby love the KONG brand, we recommend you try out their other dog enrichment toys. Especially if your pup is one that finds the treat dispensing KONG too frustrating to play with.


Crafted from KONG Classic's special natural red rubber blend, this bone includes Goodie Grippers for a delightful twist. You can transform this engaging toy into a treat-dispensing challenge by filling it with your dog's preferred kibble!

Goodie bone by KONG
Chris Jarvis via Unsplash

2. Honey Pot by SodaPup

The Honey Pot by SodaPup was only released in 2022 but has soared in popularity! In fact, they sold out almost immediately after release. The Honey Pot features a simple design with no extra holes to cover (unlike some other enrichment toys on the market). This means it’s a great choice for beginners as the pot is simple and easy to fill.


They have named this little miracle worker as a trouble-free treat for dogs. It puts a stop to pesky chewing problems and helps your dog fight off boredom blues and separation anxiety! Compared to the KONG toys, cleaning the Honey Pot is also easier because it doesn't have any obstacles where food can get stuck.


Does the Honey Pot sound like the perfect dog enrichment toy alternative for your fur baby? Visit our website today to find out more! 

3. Flower Pot by SodaPup

Fancy planting some tasty treats for your dog? Well, now you can! This lovely Flower Pot treat dispenser holds so much promise just like a real flower pot. It can be filled with all types of dog food and treats to create the perfect dog enrichment toy.


Similar to the KONG, the Flower Pot reduces problem behaviours such as problem-chewing, helps reduce boredom, and relieves separation anxiety. They are a fantastic dog enrichment toy alternative to keep your pup stimulated and entertained!


Available in green, orange, or blue, check out the adorable Flower Pot dog enrichment toy via our website today.

4. Zogoflex Toppl by Westpaw

While Westpaw’s Toppl costs more than the KONG dog enrichment toys, they have many benefits over KONG’s and have gained a huge fan base. Their popularity even caused a world-wide shortage in 2021!


Westpaw Toppl's have a reputation for their better hygiene and ease of cleaning. Thanks to their clever internal feature of a soft, rounded ‘teeth’, people find that the Toppl’s extend dog’s eating time longer than the Classic KONG dog enrichment toy. This is because these inner teeth help to hold the dog food in place and encourage dogs to lick to get their food.


Toppl’s are also super easy to fill and layer with your dog’s favourite food and treats. Dogs with flat, short, or wide noses will find Toppl’s easier to use than the KONG. Toppl's wider opening enhances engagement and reduces potential frustration for dogs compared to playing with KONG toys.


To increase difficulty, you can combine the two different sizes of Toppl for a more challenging activity! Does Westpaw’s Toppl sound like the perfect dog enrichment toy alternative to the KONG for your pup? Check out the variety of Toppl’s we have available below.

2. Rylo by Paws in Earnest

The Rylo is not just any dog enrichment toy, it’s a tool for enhancing your dog’s overall wellbeing. The Rylo engages your pup’s senses, promoting healthy eating habits, and providing an outlet for their energy. 


The Rylo dog enrichment toy helps prevent boredom, anxiety, and destructive behaviours in dogs. It's an excellent solution to ensure your dog remains happy, healthy, and mentally sharp! Rylo can be filled with your dog’s favourite goodies like kibble, raw food, treats, or even liquids, ready for some cognitive enrichment play.


Rylo dog enrichment toy promotes mental stimulation and problem-solving, featuring a bowl shape that creates a puzzle challenge for your dog to enjoy. The sturdy construction makes Rylo a reliable and lasting addition to your dog’s toy collection.

6. Twist Toss by Wild One

Twist Toss is the ultimate fetch dog enrichment toy! Its unpredictable bounce makes games of fetch extra fun with your furry best pal. Alternatively, you can fill Twiss Toss with your pup’s favourite chews, treats, or spreads for a brilliant post-play treat. 


The Twiss Toss dog enrichment toy is designed to be loved by all dogs – big or small! Although, how long it lasts for will depend on your dog’s size, chew-ability, and play style. If your dog is a particularly destructive chewer, then it may be best to choose a more durable alternative. 


Made with 100% natural rubber that’s BPA-free, tested to meet food-safe standards, and dish-washer safe, the new Twiss Toss is a great KONG alternative for dogs.

7. Yoggie Pot by Lickimat

A brand-new slow feeder for dogs by the brilliant Lickimat! The Yoggie Pot is a fun and long-lasting dog enrichment toy for all breeds and sizes of dog to encourage repetitive licking and slow feeding.


However, it’s best to partially freeze to encourage licking and avoid biting and chewing from your dog. It’s versatile and can be used as a full feeder for smaller dogs. The Yoggie Pot is suitable for all food types from dry, wet, or raw. 


Lickimat Yoggie Pot has been successfully used by a variety of breeds ranging from Chihuahua’s to Great Danes. So, you can feel assured they are a great new alternative to the famous KONG dog enrichment toy.

8. UFO and Wobble by Lickimat

Lickimats such as the UFO and Wobble are designed to be tasty boredom busters for dogs to reduce anxiety and destructive behaviours. This makes them perfect dog enrichment toy alternatives to the classic KONG. Especially if you are looking for an easier option that is flatter and more open than treat dispensers!


The Lickimat UFO is a mess-free slow feeder, perfect for distracting your dog during grooming, bathing, or long car journeys. It serves as an excellent dog enrichment toy to keep them calm and happy.


Similar to the KONG, Lickimat UFO is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned. It encourages repetitive licking, which releases a calming hormone into the body.


Similarly, the Lickimat Wobble works as a fun alternative to a slow feeder bowl. It challenges your dog to lick the treat and food to be rewarded. The ‘wobbling’ action as they enjoy their food promotes extra FUN for your furry pal too! 

9. Honey Bear by SodaPup

If your dog prefers a trickier dog enrichment toy, then the Honey Bear could be another brilliant alternative to the KONG. 


Similar to the SodaPup cans, The Honey Bear is designed to withstand the abuse of most “power chewer” dogs. This little treat dispenser can be filled with your dog’s favourite food and treats and will help your furry friend fight boredom. The toothed opening helps to retain treats, creating a greater challenge for your dog to get the goodies inside.


The Honey Bear is available in two sizes – Medium and Large to suit the size of your dog. If you’d like to learn more, visit the product page.

10. Treat Dispensing Can Toys by SodaPup

While a slightly trickier option compared to the KONG, SodaPup Can Toys hold more than a Classic KONG without being too large (it fits less than a large Toppl). SodaPup dog enrichment toys such as the Can Treat Dispensers hold up wonderfully due to their strength. They are super durable and built to withstand the abuse of even the most “power chewer” dogs. 


The SodaPup cans help your dog fight boredom through the dispensing of treats such as kibble, dog treats, canned dog food or peanut butter. Like KONG, these cans also serve as excellent slow feeders, encouraging your dog to savor their meals, providing stimulation and entertainment.


If your dog struggles with problem behaviours such as chewing, the SodaPup can dog enrichment toy is a great choice. It also helps to reduce boredom and relieve separation anxiety that some dogs experience. If you have a puppy, the SodaPup Can for Puppies is softer and designed to soothe the tender mouths of teething pups. 

11. Zogoflex Qwizl by WestPaw

If your dog is looking for a challenge, the Zogoflex Qwizl dog enrichment toy is known to be trickier than the popular WestPaw Toppl range. They have a great bounce and can float; they are also a blast for dogs who love to chew! 


Qwizl’s can be stuffed with small treats for your dog to try and extract, or you could push a chew stick through for a long-lasting chew challenge. Having said that, avoid overloading the Qwizl with large ingredients. They may not easily escape through the slits or ends of the toy, potentially causing frustration for your dog.


The Qwizl is best used with soft ingredients such as purees, mashed fruit and vegetables like bananas and pumpkins, or frozen liquids. Ideal for active chewers and playful dogs, this dog enrichment toy may not be the best choice for those with sensitive teeth or extremely strong chewers who could potentially bite off rubber pieces.

12. WestPaw Tuxs

Similar to the WestPaw Qwizl, the Zogoflex Tuxs dog enrichment toy is perfect for a greater challenge. It’s easier to stuff with treats compared to the KONG, whilst featuring the same benefits of being durable and easy to clean. 


If you have a dog that is obsessed with chewing, then the Tuxs is the perfect fit for them. This is because the three Zogoflex “nubs” will be satisfying for them to gnaw on. There is also no extra hole to worry about compared to some other dog enrichment toys on the market. Therefore, it is easy to balance in the freezer for frozen treats without the worry of any pesky drips or spillages!


Does your dog need a toy that will stand up to their fearsome fangs? Or do you have a short-snouted breed that needs a dog enrichment toy with a hollow treat-hiding cavity? Then the WestPaw Tuxs will be a fantastic alternative for your furry pal.

13. Super Pear, Super Banana, and Super Orange by ZeeDog

Your dog will fall in love with these lovely dog enrichment toy treat dispensers shaped like fruits. They are durable, tough, and loads of fun with a treat dispensing bottom to stuff with healthy delicious treats for your lovable canine.


Better yet, these enrichment toys by ZeeDog feature a fruity smell that will keep your dog satisfied and entertained during enrichment playtime. The polygonal edges will help clean their teeth as they chew and prevent tartar build up. 


If your dog loves a game of fetch, the Super PearSuper Banana, and Super Orange have a super erratic bounce for extra fun. Please remember though, that unfortunately no toy is indestructible, and the Super Banana is not recommended for dogs with massive destructive force! 

14. Stars and Stripes Ultra-Durable Rubber Chew Toys by SodaPup

Is your dog a power chewer? Then the Stars and Stripes Ultra-Durable Rubber Chew Toys by SodaPup may be the best alternative to the Classic KONG. This enrichment dog toy will help your pooch fight boredom and is excellent for even the most aggressive of chewers. 


Perfect for dogs who love to chew, the ridges on the stars and stripes balls are stimulating for your dog, whilst also cleaning their teeth while they chew. It will reduce problem behaviours such as chewing, as well as relieving separation anxiety. 

15. The Odin by Up Dog Toys

A treat dog enrichment toy with a modern, modular design that is available in a range of colours. Simply put the treats into the flaps and let your dog toss and roll the Odin to get the treats out.


Similar to the Westpaw Toppl, Odin toys can be attached together to up the challenge for your dog. Therefore, they are a great, versatile alternative to the Classic KONG. 


However, the Odin may not be suitable for dogs who love to chew and must be taken away if they start gnawing or ripping at the toy.

KONG dog enrichment toy alternatives from WOOOF

We hope this article has surprised you with KONG alternatives that you did not know existed. At WOOOF, we have over 50 treat dispensing KONG dog enrichment toy alternatives for your pup to try! 

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