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Honey Pot Dog Enrichment Toy

5 fun ways to use SodaPup’s Honey Pot dog enrichment toy

The Honey Pot dog enrichment toy by SodaPup may have only been released in 2022, but it has since soared in popularity. In fact, this delightful treat dispenser was one of our best sellers in 2023


There is no wonder why the Honey Pot dog enrichment toy is so popular. It helps put a stop to dog’s pesky chewing problems and helps them fight away boredom blues and separation anxiety.


The Honey Pot also features a simple design with no extra holes to cover (unlike some other dog enrichment toys on the market). This makes it brilliant for beginners as it is easy to use and fill with your pup’s favourite treats.  


To honour this little miracle worker, we thought we would share our top 5 fun ways to use the Honey Pot dog enrichment toy so your furry best friend can receive the best enrichment possible!

1. Create a delicious recipe using one of our Honey Pot dog enrichment toy bundles!

There are so many delicious recipes you can create using the Honey Pot dog enrichment toy. To make things easier, we have some popular Enrichment Bundles over on our website that include the Honey Pot, plus dog treats you can use to make yummy recipes. 


The “Im-PECK-able” Enrichment Bundle for Dogs was one of our most popular bundles in 2023. There is no surprise as to why as it really keeps your pooch on their toes with the included puffed chicken feet and turkey treats! 


See below for some of our favourite recipes using the Honey Pot.

Honey Pot Recipe 1:

  1. Start off by filling the Honey Pot with some tasty Poochbutter (sticky peanut butter for dogs) 

  2. If you like, you can then add a bit of your dog’s dinner, whether that be kibble with a dash of water, or wet, fresh, or raw food.

  3. Insert some of the Denzel’s Nut Butter Bites into the pot

  4. Push down a chicken foot into the mix for some extra chewy fun.

  5. Put in the freezer for a few hours for an extra challenge for your furry friend!

Honey Pot Recipe 2:

This dog enrichment toy recipe uses the products within the “Un-Bee-Lievable” Enrichment Gift Bundle for Dogs (but they can also be bought separately). 

  1. First, spread the Poochbutter all around the inside of the Honey Pot.

  2. If you have some Furr Boost on hand, this can also be added and then pop the pot into the freezer for a few hours until frozen, then topped up with some natural yoghurt. If not, simply add the yoghurt and move to step 4.

  3. Following the yoghurt, sprinkle with the Chicken Topper by Nuts for Pets.

  4. Finally, add the Furry Rabbit Ear to stick out the top of the Honey Pot for an extra tasty snack!

Honey Pot Recipe 3

  1. Fill the Honey Pot dog enrichment toy with some natural yoghurt and some Nuts for Pets Peanut Butter or Big Spoon Wag Butter

  2. Sprinkle with some dog treats such as Denzel’s Dog Bites

  3. Add a few puffed chicken feet for an extra challenge!

  4. Fill the rest of the space up with a Furr Boost drink. It adds an extra level of hydration and nutrition to the dog enrichment toy.

  5. Place the Honey Pot in the freezer for a few hours, then it’s ready for your pup to enjoy!

Alternatively, during the warmer months, you can add a hydrating Pupsicle treat to help your pup cool off. A perfect snack for a summer picnic with your furry best pal! You can use other tasty treats too such as any natural yoghurt and mashed banana – another recipe dogs love. 

2. Use the Honey Pot as a slow feeder

Does your dog eat like they are in a race? While some dogs will be nibblers, others will be gobblers. Unfortunately for gobblers, eating too fast can cause health issues. 


For example, they can choke or gag on their food. Or when they gulp down their meal too fast, they swallow air along with it, which can cause the food and air to expand in the stomach. This can cause pain and discomfort for our dogs.


Slow feeders are a great success to prevent your pup from eating too fast. The Honey Pot can be used as a slow feeder to help your dog savour their meals at a more leisurely pace. 


They can be filled with your dog’s favourite kibble, canned dog food, wet or raw food. It’s not just fun for your dog to eat, but it’s also fun for us owners to fill up and decorate! 

3. Hide and Seek in the garden with the Honey Pot

Who doesn’t love a game of Hide and Seek? Our fur babies are no different! Hide and Seek is an enrichment game that is super easy and lots of fun for both you and your furry best friend.


Fill the Honey Pot with your dog’s favourite dog food, treats, or use one of the recipes we provided above. Following this, hide the Honey Pot in your garden and let your dog loose to put their nose to the test! By filling the dog enrichment toy with yummy snacks, your pup will be able to use their nose to sniff out their food. 


Hide and Seek with the Honey Pot is a great way to up your pup’s daily enrichment, encouraging them to use their senses and foraging skills!

4. Use the Honey Pot for crate training

To make your new puppy or dog love and use their crate, use the Honey Pot. It will help them see the crate as something paw-sitive. 


Simply fill the Honey Pot with a delicious recipe, or with your dog’s meal, and then give to them only when they are in their crate. This way, they will learn to see the crate as a fun place. 


This dog enrichment toy will also help to keep your pooch entertained whilst they are in their crate, ensuring they see it as a safe and fun space.

5. Overcome separation anxiety with the Honey Pot dog enrichment toy

As much as we would love to be, unfortunately we cannot be by our dog’s side 24/7. If your beloved fur baby suffers with separation anxiety, the Honey Pot can help to soothe them. 


If you put dog food and treats within the Honey Pot and then freeze for a couple of hours, this will keep your pup entertained for longer whilst you are away! They will be instantly put in a playful mood as they have fun licking the contents out of the delightful Honey Pot dog enrichment toy. If Winnie the Pooh were a dog, he would wag his tail in delight too!

Fun ways to use the Honey Pot dog enrichment toy with WOOOF

We hope that the Honey Pot dog enrichment toy makes your dog’s day better. They are a fun way to keep your pup happy and excited, just like a bumble bee! 


If you love the Honey Pot, SodaPup have teased that they’ll be adding some new colours to the mix in the not-too-distant future! We can’t wait to discover more fun ways to use the Honey Pot with the new colours that will soon be available to enjoy. 


In the meantime, if you’re looking for some other fun treat dispensers to use that are like the Honey Pot, feast your eyes on the variety below.

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