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A woman working from home with her dog on the sofa

8 Tips to keep your dog entertained whilst working from home

Struggling to stay focused whilst working at home because your dog is being a nightmare? Chances are your dog needs some mental stimulation! In this article we discuss 8 ways to keep your dog happy whilst you are working at home so you can both be productive!

A woman working from home with her dog on the sofa, ​​Cristian Tarzi

1. Get them all tired out in the morning when working from home

The best way to get your dog subdued for the working from home day ahead is to have a high level of activity in the morning and at lunchtime. If you can't get out the next day for a morning walk, then one at the end of the working day will help with the following day too.

If you can only spare time for one long walk, then having a ball and thrower will help tire them out without you having to put in longer miles and time. 

2. Use noise to give them extra company

Other ways to get your dog to feel at ease with their day of relaxation whilst your working from home, is to play relaxing music. For example, have the radio or television on so they are kept company by human voices. Especially if you are tapping away at the keyboard, sighing or huffing at an annoying email!

3. Let them look out of the window

Dogs can be perfectly entertained by people watching, so having a blind or curtain open can keep their minds occupied. Alternatively if you have a dog that barks at everything, maybe keep the blind / curtain closed so they are more relaxed whilst you work from home.

A dog looking out of a window in a City, Nataliia K​​vitovska

4. Give them long-lasting chews

Dogs love to chew! This can keep them entertained for quite sometime while you are working from home and distracted in a meeting or by a heavy workload. 

Chews are also really good for a dog's dental health too. We highly recommend natural chews such as buffalo horns, deer antlers and yak bars. Definitely avoid rawhide - read our blog post on Rawhide Risks.

5. Use slow dispensing treat toys

Similar to long lasting chews, enrichment games such as using a slow dispensing treat toy will keep your dog highly entertained whilst you are working from home. They can keep your pooch's mind active as they try to get that tasty treat out! Watch our enrichment videos [have as separate blog with instructions?]

6. Do regular but short bursts of playtime

5 minutes of play with your dog at various points throughout the day whilst your working from home, should keep them quiet in-between plays so it's well worth carving the time out. We suggest some tug of war toys.

7. Have a dog cave

The best thing for a dog to stay calm is to have a warm, quiet sanctuary such as a cave bed in a low lit area for them to get all snuggly and sleepy, whilst you are busy working from home. You can buy dog caves or have fun making them yourself at home with an open doored cage, black out fabric, blankets and a bed.

8. Use calming products

For those extra tense times where maybe you are having an extra long and really important meeting or, you have to go into the office for a prolonged period one day or, your dog is very stressed whilst you are working from home, there are dog calming products available to buy. 

Please do read the labels carefully and never use calming products as a daily supplement without checking with your vet first or, as a replacement for walks and play.

We hope this info helps and wish you the best with your working from home days! Please find below just some of the wonderful products we have online to help you and your dog whilst working from home. Swipe to view more products.

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