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Dog Leads

Dog Leads Shopping Guide for Dog Parents

Whether you're taking your furry friend on a leisurely walkie through the neighbourhood or embarking on an adventurous hike in the great outdoors, a crucial element of responsible dog ownership is using suitable dog leads!

Having a lead, also known as a leash, helps to control your dog and keep both them and others safe. That's why it's crucial to ensure you have the right type of lead to support your dog properly.

Luckily, there is a wide range of dog leads available to suit you and your dog’s needs. But which one is best for you and your fur pal? After reading this shopping guide, you will know about all the different types of leashes, and which works best for each dog. You’re welcome!

Dog Leads
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Selecting the right dog leads is essential. This is because different breeds, sizes, and temperaments require varying levels of restraint and support. That's why you can find a variety of leads available, such as traditional hand-held, hands-free, and shock-absorbing/bungee dog leads.

Below, we will explore each type of lead on the market, so you can make a more informed decision before purchasing!

Dog on a Lead
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Standard/Regular Dog Leads

The most common and budget-friendly of all dog leads. Standard leads come in various lengths and widths, providing adequate control and stability for most dogs. It’s simple and easy to use by clipping the end of the lead onto your dog’s collar. This makes standard dog leads a good starting point if you have only just got a new dog or puppy.

We recommend starting with a 4-foot leash for better control. As your dog grows and gets used to walking with you, you can increase the length.

For dogs that tend to pull excessively on the lead, this type may not be the best choice. Don't worry though, there are other leads available that will be more beneficial for such canines.

Check out some of our best examples of regular dog leads below. All the standard dog leads we have available are lightweight and easy to fasten, whilst ensuring maximum safety and security. We especially recommend The Painter’s Wife leads as they are very popular with our customers!

These colorful dog leads offer maximum security and durability. They are also easy-to-use, water-resistant, and simple to wash.


Retractable Dog Leads

Retractable dog leads allow your dog to have more freedom when out on walks, while ensuring you still have control. These leashes let you lengthen and shorten the amount of lead available. The more the lead extends, the less confined your furry pal will be. Retractable leads are great for quiet areas and open spaces like country paths and fields.

These dog leads are best to use on smaller dogs who are well behaved on walks with no obedience issues. Even if you have a well-behaved dog, it's not recommended to use retractable leads in busy built-up areas. This is because Retractable dog leads may not offer quick, precise control to pull your dog back to your side. So they are generally best suited for parks and country walks where your surroundings are quieter.

Retractable leads offer the biggest advantage of providing flexibility and freedom for both you and your dog. They allow for increased exercise and are great for dog training, including commands like 'heel,' 'come,' and 'back'.

We recommend the Speedy Retractable Leash that is engineered for the ultimate walking experience! It features a compact and intuitive design thanks to the braking system and ergonomic grip. 

Adjustable Dog Leads

If you want a dog lead that falls between a regular lead and a retractable lead, consider the Adjustable Lead. It's similar to a standard lead but allows you to adjust the length using a loop or clip.

Adjustable dog leads are excellent for all types of dogs, no matter their size or temperament. This type of lead is great for dog training, especially for the 'heel' command, as you can shorten it to have your dog walk alongside you.

Check out our range of Adjustable Dog Leads below.

Hands-free Dog Leads

Hands-free dog leads have become popular among dog owners because they're so convenient and offer great flexibility. They are ideal for active owners since you can wear the lead around your waist or across your torso, leaving your hands free for activities like running, hiking, or walking.

Hands-free leashes are perfect for the winter months as they allow you to keep your hands warm and cosy in your coat pockets! They are also helpful if you have mobility issues or if you tend to carry a lot of items. This type of lead is ideal for well-trained and obedient dogs, as it gives them more freedom to roam around.

Zee.Dog Hands-Free Dog Leashes are very popular due to their wide range of colours and the convenient E.zee lock adjustment buckle, which lets you wear them around your waist or across your body! This style of lead offers better control than hand-held leashes and make walks much more enjoyable for your dog!

Hands-free dog leads selection

Shock-absorbing Bungee Dog Leads

Owners love shock-absorbing or bungee dog leads because they provide dogs with more freedom to move around while still keeping them safe. These leads use bungee cords to keep dogs from jumping out of their harness, with the end of the lead securely connected to the owner's end.

Bungee dog leads are designed to prevent your dog from pulling you off balance. They're especially useful for dogs that tend to pull during walks and for larger, heavier dogs. This is because the bungee absorbs shock if they suddenly run and catch you off guard.

Zee.Dog’s award-winning Shock Absorbing/Bungee dog leads feature a shock-absorbing spring to reduce pulling from your dog during walks. The super hook even has a screw lock to provide additional safety. Check out the Zee.Dog Ruff Lead collection below.

Shop Materials

Dog Leads come in a variety of materials, each offering their own unique benefits. If you are stuck on deciding which material is best for your furry friend, you have come to the right section.

Nylon Dog Leads

Nylon dog leads are a top choice for dog owners. This is because they are durable, affordable, and come in a wide range of colours and designs. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to clean, making them ideal for daily walks and adventures! If a nylon lead gets wet during an outing, it dries quickly, preventing any unpleasant odours and ensuring it remains functional.

Nylon is a safe and comfortable material for dog leads. It is less likely to cause allergies or skin irritations in dogs, so nylon is an ideal choice especially for pups with sensitive skin.

Nylon Dog Leads

Leather Dog Leads

Leather dog leads offer a classic and sophisticated look while being sturdy and long-lasting. They withstand the wear and tear of daily walks and outdoor excursions.

This material becomes more comfortable over time as it moulds to the handler's grip, ensuring a secure and pleasant walking experience!

Leather dog leads are a great option for owners of larger and stronger dogs as they offer superior strength and control. Leather leads are also resistant to abrasion and generally perform well in all weather conditions. The only downside is that they may need more maintenance to keep them in good condition. They don’t need much though, just regular oiling and cleaning to keep them in top condition.

Waterproof Dog Leads

Waterproof dog leads are practical and versatile, designed to withstand the weather challenges that come with going outdoors. The waterproof properties prevent these leashes from becoming soggy or waterlogged so that they maintain their strength and integrity. Waterproof leads are perfect for pups who love to splash in puddles, dive into a lake or pool, or explore damp terrains.

It goes without saying, waterproof dog leads are also easy to clean. This makes them perfect for adventurous dog owners looking to enjoy outdoor activities with their furry companion regardless of the weather!

If this sounds like you and your fur baby, check out the waterproof dog leads we have in stock below.

Designer Dog Leads

Have you got an eye for fashion? Are you looking for a beautifully designed dog lead that ensures every step you and your fur pal take will always be in style? Well, this is the section for you.

Fashion-conscious owners and pups will adore the wide variety of designer dog leads and collars created by Buddy's Dogwear! These luxurious handcrafted products use only the finest natural materials, such as French-origin cowhide tanned by hand in Italy, canvas, cotton, and Italian rubber. This means they are long-lasting and designed to keep your dog’s comfort and safety in mind.

Designer dog leads are perfect for those who want to express their personal style and their pet's unique personality through fashion.

Shop Brands

Dog brands play a vital role in the world of pet care and accessories. At WOOOF, we team up with brands that share our core values using high-quality, safe, and sustainable materials. All to ensure our beloved canine companions receive the best care possible.

In this section, we highlight some of the best brands for dog lead shopping. To see our full variety of dog lead brands, visit our Walk & Wear section.


Zee.Dog follow industry trends and create dog products, including leads and collars, that truly understand their audience.

They launch new patterns for their dog products every month, allowing you and your dog to express your individual style. Zee.Dog make all their products from the best materials and technology to ensure superior comfort.

Better yet, Zee.Dog leads go perfectly with the designs of their collars and harnesses. So you and your beloved four-legged friend can truly 'wow' during your daily walks.

Buddy's Dogwear

As mentioned earlier, Buddy's Dogwear creates amazing designer dog products, handcrafted using only the best natural materials. The leather, fabrics, designs, and functionality are all created with the well-being of animals and the environment in mind. This helps Buddy’s to create unique designs that are full of soul and exceptional quality.

The Painter’s Wife

The Painter’s Wife company are vets and specialists in contemporary art. Since launching in 2017, The Painter's Wife use their vast knowledge to design dog leads, collars, harnesses, and more.

For example, the popular and colorful Sonia Collection draws inspiration from the work of French painter and designer, Sonia Delaunay!

You can see The Painter's Wife dog leads below, including their reliable waterproof leash option.


Maxbone create modern, easy, and fun pet essentials with the mission to empower pets and pet owners. They collaborate with human apparel and accessory manufacturers to develop their dog products, focusing on longevity, sustainability, and practicality. From Maxbone, you can only expect premium standards as quality is their top priority.

Maxbone have produced a variety of dog leads to choose from. The selection includes Ease Hands Free Leashes and the Speedy Retractable Leash that features a braking system and ergonomic grip. Check out Maxbone’s brilliant dog lead options below.

Dog Leads at WOOOF

At WOOOF, we know the best lead for your dog depends on their size, behaviour, and your specific needs. Always prioritize comfort and safety when choosing a lead for your furry companion. If you're unsure which lead would be best, consider seeking advice from a professional dog trainer or vet.

Remember, choosing the right lead will improve your dog-walking experience and foster a happy and healthy relationship between you and your beloved pup!

Now that you're familiar with everything about dog leads and the various types, click the link below. There, you can explore our complete selection of dog leads and find the perfect match for your needs.


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