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The Ultimate Dog Collars Shopping Guide for Dog Parents

Dog collars are the most important tool for dog parents, not only for training purposes but also to keep your pup safe! After all, a collar with an ID tag will increase the chances of you being reunited with your beloved pooch if they were to go missing (something all pet owners dread the thought of!)

By law, dogs need to wear a collar with an identity tag in public places. In fact, you can face fines of up to £2000 if your dog isn't wearing one! So, as your dog will likely be wearing their collar all the time, it’s important that it fits well and is comfortable for them.

Choosing the right collar out of all the different types of dog collars available can feel overwhelming. That’s why we have created this handy guide to help you find the pawfect one! 

Dog with collar
Michael Morse via Pexels

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There are a variety of different styles of dog collars to choose from. The buckle fastening dog collars tend to be the most popular as they are longer lasting and extra sturdy. Clip-fastening dog collars are a good choice because they are easy to put on and take off your dog quickly.

Flat dog collars are a top choice because they evenly distribute pressure on your dog's neck thanks to their flat design. They are especially a good for dogs who like to pull during walks. Round dog collars, often made from leather or rope, are ideal for dogs with long fur coats prone to irritation from flat collars. They will find the rounded shape of the collar will be gentler on their necks.

Dog collars should always be too wide and not too narrow. When trying on a collar, aim for a fit where you can easily slide 1-2 fingers between the collar and your dog. But bear in mind that some materials, such as leather, can widen over time.

Now you know the basics, let’s look at the types of materials to choose from.

Dog with dog collar
Michael G via Unsplash
Dog wearing dog collars
Michael G via Unsplash

Polyester Dog Collars

Polyester or Nylon are the most common materials used for the majority of standard, flat-buckle dog collars. Polyester dog collars are flexible, lightweight, comfortable, and budget-friendly. You'll find them in every colour and pattern imaginable, making it easy to match with leads and harnesses.

Yet, they may require more frequent replacement than pricier leather collars because they can absorb odours and are tougher to clean. If your dog is large or likes to chew a lot, a polyester collar may not be the best choice. They could chew through it or it might start tearing if they pull on it.

Generally, polyester dog collars are beloved for being semi-durable, comfortable, and great for wearing daily. They're also less prone to fading from sunlight, and while not completely waterproof, polyester is more water-resistant than leather dog collars.

We have a wide variety of soft and resistant polyester collars available at In fact, we have recently added some brand-new dog collars by the brilliant Zee.Dog to our website.

Phantom Dog Collar and Leash

Zee.Dog collars are smooth on the fur, fully adjustable, and come with a buckle built 4-point lock system for added safety. There are so many different colours and patterns to choose from now so you will be spoilt for choice! They can even be paired with leads of the same style. For example, the Phantom Dog Collar perfectly matches the Phantom Dog Leash.

Alternatively, do you and your pooch like all things fluffy? The adorable Fluffy Teddy Dog Collar will keep your pup safe, comfy, and stylish! Made from polyester, the collar is fully-adjustable with a D Ring Attachment for Leads.

To see all our polyester dog collars, visit our website today. Or check out the product reel below for some of our top picks.

Nylon Dog Collars

Nylon dog collars are very popular amongst pet owners. This is because they are tough, durable, and not affected by water. They are also easier to clean and maintain compared to other varieties.

Nylon dog collars are perfect for smaller breeds and puppies because they're lightweight and don't add extra pressure or weight to their necks. As nylon is lightweight and comfortable, they are ideal for every day-use.

The new Maxbone Signature Dog Collars are a fantastic choice as they combine superior materials and simplistic designs. There are also lovely colours to choose from including yellow , pink , white , blue and green. Leaving your pup looking very stylish!

Or you can opt for the popular Sonia Dog Collars that are both colourful and comfortable, made from tough nylon. In fact, these collars are inspired by the work of French painter and designer, Sonia Delaunay, making them an excellent choice for the art lovers out there!

It's easy to find a style to suit your tastes with nylon dog collars, see below for some of our favourites at WOOOF.

Leather Dog Collars

Did you know that leather dog collars were originally used as a fashion statement in Ancient Egypt? Pharaohs and Queens were among the first to use leather collars as accessories for their cherished companions. Historically, leather was the sole material for dog collars, representing the luxury choice in dog accessories. Who knew a shopping guide would teach you interesting fun facts!

Anyway, even today leather dog collars remain very popular as they are extremely robust and durable. Leather collars go the distance when it comes to durability as leather is the most long-lasting material and will outlast any other collar on the market. Having said that, they are not the best for dogs who love to have a swim during their walks as they are not water resistant. 

For larger dogs, durable leather collars provide extra support, crucial for handling their natural strength and any pulling tendencies. Although these collars tend to be more expensive, they do last a lot longer, so they are worth the extra costs.

We adore Seldom Found's Leather Dog Collars in Brown and Black. They are hand-cut and crafted from high-quality vegetable-tanned Walpier Buttero leather from Italy. Any dog will look smart sporting these collars that are hand-stitched with age old Japanese techniques using quality French linen thread.

Collar of Sweden also make a delightful range of stunning genuine leather collars in a variety of colours and sizes to suit a wide range of dog breeds. Check out their easy size guide over on our website and see which collar your breed matches.

Vegan Leather Dog Collars

If you are looking for more vegan-friendly dog collars, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Collar of Sweden also have a vegan variety of their luxurious Cognac Vegan Leather Dog Collars for you to choose from. They are available in regular and wide to fit all dog breeds.

For a cheaper option, the Reflex Vegan Dog Collar by Collar of Sweden is not only made with high-quality vegan leather but also the outside is covered with reflective fabric. This means your pup will stay visible at night, making it a pawsome choice for evening walks. 

Canvas Dog Collars

Canvas dog collars are comfy, strong, and fashionable. They're made with high-quality double-faced nylon canvas, natural leather, and antique gold hardware. Like our leather collar variety, they are the more expensive option when it comes to dog collars. However, you can rest assured that they are long lasting and will keep your dog comfortable throughout wearing.

If you are into the more designer style, canvas or leather dog collars will be the best choice for you. Buddy’s Dogwear create stunning Peruvian Indian Handmade Dog Collars made with plaited Italian cotton finished with natural French Leather. After all, our furry friends deserve to be spoilt with the very best! Better yet, these collars all come with matching leads too so you can walk with style.

Mesh Dog Collars

Mesh is a material that is lightweight and breathable, making it the best choice for owners with small dogs or dogs that overheat easily. Mesh dog collars are constructed from a breathable, quick dry mesh material and are a fantastic choice for active dogs that love to splash around. They even have a special D-ring that allows you to attach accessories – comfort and convenience all in one collar!

However, we recommend removing the collar from your dog during the night to maintain its appearance. This is to reduce the chances of your pooch scratching or damaging the collar.

See the adorable Mesh Dog Collars by Hugo & Hudson below. Both of which have matching harness and lead available to purchase in addition.

Waterproof Dog Collars

If your dog loves to swim during walks or jump in puddles, they may be best suited for a waterproof dog collar. The Rose.W Waterproof Dog Collar by The Painter’s Wife is made from durable and hypoallergenic flex-poly coated webbing. It’s a great choice for when walking out and about in England’s (often rainy) weather conditions.

Speaking of wet conditions, AVA Quick-Release Metal Buckle Collar is 100% water and odour proof with a quick-release buckle for safety and convenience! It even has a comfort-fit interior to avoid rubbing and minimising pressure points on your dog’s skin and neck. These dog collars ensure that even our furry water-lovers remain comfortable and odour-free.

Shop Brands

At WOOOF, we aim to make shopping for your beloved companion easy. We work with top-notch brands that craft and rigorously test their high-quality dog products, ensuring our furry friends get the best support. The brands we love below offer fantastic dog collars for you to choose from.


Zee.Dog are known to follow what is trending to create their amazing dog collars, harnesses, and leads in a variety of popular styles. In fact, as mentioned earlier, Zee.Dog have blessed us with a brand-new range of walk & wear dog products to share with our customers!

Adjustable, stylish dog collars are trending, and Zee.Dog ensures they're on point with their super soft, comfy adjustable collars. Equipped with a four-point locking system, they keep our furry pals safe. The D-ring allows you to attach any leash to the collar with ease and the rubber logo protects the stitching, making their collars more durable.

You can find out all about the brilliant Zee.Dog brand and why we love them via our special Brand of The Month article featuring an exclusive interview with their brilliant Sales Representative, Debora! 

New Zee.Dog Collars


Maxbone’s top priority is quality. They only partner with the best factories around the world to ensure every item meets premium standards. Therefore, if you opt for a Maxbone dog collar you can rest assured that your pup is sporting the very best.

Maxbone products are all designed keeping longevity, sustainability, and practicality at the forefront. That’s one of the reasons why we love this brand, so we are sure that you and your lovable fur baby will too! Check out some of their best dog collars below.

The Painter’s Wife

The Painter’s Wife are specialists in contemporary art and bringing a fresh approach to dog wear. Many dog owners choose The Painter’s Wife dog collars for their comfort, safety, and design. All of which are made with high-quality materials and are budget friendly.

The Painter’s Wife collection of dog collars, leads, and harnesses, are all inspired by the art of French painter and designer, Sonia Delaunay. This is what makes them stand out and match well when paired together. We recommend choosing The Painters Wife dog collars to really show off your dog’s individual style, especially if both you and your pooch have an appreciation for creativity and the arts!

Buddy’s Dogwear

We love Buddy’s Dogwear as they design and handcraft their dog collars in a limited way using only the best natural materials: French-origin cowhide tanned by hand in Italy, together with canvas, cotton, and Italian rubber. This luxury brand truly keeps the wellbeing of animals and the environment in mind during every step the process.

See below for their unique dog collar creations of exceptional quality that will be very hard to resist! 

Hugo & Hudson

Hugo & Hudson are best known for creating premium, high-quality dog products that match the latest fashion trends. Like us, they believe our furry best friends deserve the very best! This is why Hugo & Hudson dog collars, leads, and harnesses are designed with a focus on comfort and style, using only high-quality materials.

Pair their beautiful dog collars with matching leads and harnesses for a cute and coordinated look for your pup.

Collar of Sweden

Do you and your pooch prefer a luxury feel? Then dog collars by Collar of Sweden may be your best fit! Collar of Sweden ensure your dog’s strut their stuff in serious style, whilst staying comfortable and safe. They do this by staying ahead of the curve, keeping their paws on the pulse of the latest colours, fabrics, and styles so you and your furry friend are in fashion.

If you want to have your dog truly shine in the spotlight in tail-wagging comfort, seek one of Collar of Sweden’s dog collars today!

Seldom Found

Seldom Found is a premium award-winning brand that only uses beautiful sustainable materials to create designs that last. In fact, they use only Eco Leather that has been vegetable tanned so it’s the best choice of brand for our eco-friendly customers. Vegetable leather also lasts longer and is healthier to use, better quality, better for nature, and ages beautifully.

It goes without saying that by shopping Seldom Found dog products, you can expect the very best quality, durability, and longevity. Buy less and buy better!

Dog Collars from WOOOF

Choosing the perfect dog collar from the multitude of options can be overwhelming. But we hope this ultimate dog collars shopping guide has simplified your decision-making process!

Remember to check out our similar guides for dog leads and dog harnesses to continue your pawfect shopping spree!

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