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Dog Harnesses

Dog Harness Shopping Guide for Dog Parents

It’s no secret that dogs love a walk. As owners, we must prepare ourselves and gear up to be ready to go!


If you are struggling on what dog harness to choose, look no further. In this shopping guide, we will be exploring everything there is to know about a harnesses. Including the different types, sizes, materials, and brands. By the end of this article, you will know exactly what dog vest is the perfect fit for your furry friend!

dog harness
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What is a dog harness?

Firstly, let’s clarify what a dog harness is. Dog harnesses consist of straps that fit around your dog's torso, with straps positioned behind their front legs. They feature clips and D-rings that will then attach to your dog lead. 


You can find various types and sizes of dog harnesses to ensure the perfect fit for your pet. They are very helpful training tools for lead walking too! As harnesses allow you to have greater control – especially if your dog is one to pull on the lead. 


Did you know that dog harnesses were initially designed for pulling loads like dog sleds and attaching equipment? This was many years ago though. Nowadays, harnesses help guide dogs during walks and reduce strain on their necks when the leash is pulled. This means that dog harnesses help to provide better comfort for your pup and reduce risks of neck strain and choking.


Each dog harness has its own purpose and benefits. So, let’s investigate that now.

Shop types of dog harness

There are four main types of dog strapping that are great for walks and lead training. These are:

  • Front clip dog harness

  • Back clip dog harness

  • Dual clip dog harness

  • Step in dog harness

  • H-Harness

  • Mesh Harness

  • Fly Harness

Front Clip Dog Harness

Also known as ‘anti-pull’ dog harnesses. A front clip dog harness features D-rings to attach the leash to. You can locate this around your dog's chest area. It is best suited for dogs that tend to pull on the lead.


A front clip dog harness is also helpful for dog training. When your dog pulls on the lead, the leash will automatically move to the side and shorten. This mechanism guarantees that your dog is directed back toward you.


Zee.Dog has Boogie Soft-Walk Dog Harnesses that attach to the dog lead on the chest instead of the back. When your dog pulls, they will instantly turn to face you instead. This makes dog walks with your furry companion gentler and more relaxing.

Back Clip Dog Harness

The most common type of dog harness. A back clip harness is the simplest and easiest to use, working well with a variety of dog leads. Like front-clip harnesses, it includes D-rings at the centre of the dog's back for attaching the dog leash.


Unlike front clip harnesses, back clip harnesses are better for dogs that remain calm during walks. This is because back-clip harnesses are less effective at discouraging pulling compared to the front clip variety.

Dual Clip Dog Harness

A Dual clip dog harness gives you the best of both worlds as it features a back-clip and a front-clip. Dual clip harnesses are versatile and suitable for everyday walks, as well as situations needing extra control.


Dual clip harnesses additionally prevent injury by distributing pressure evenly across your dog's body.


However, the drawback of dual clip harnesses is that they may require some time to become accustomed to. They also tend to be bulkier, making them best for training purposes.

Step In Dog Harness

To use a step-in dog harness, your furry friend simply steps into the straps using their front paws. Once they have done this, you can then secure the harness at the back.


This type of dog harness is ideal for dogs who do not like having a harness put over their head. The Painter’s Wife offers a variety of stylish step-in harnesses for you to choose from. Made of resistant nylon, a Painters Wife dog harness will provide your dog with maximum safety and durability. 


An H-Harness is a classic, popular style of harness that goes over your dog's head and secures around their chest. The H-Harness is ideal for everyday walks and other outdoor activities for both puppies and dogs. 


If your dog's front legs are close together, an H-Harness will fit better. The H-Harness is more suitable because it does not go between the legs like the Y-Harness. Therefore, it’s best suited for breeds with narrow bodies such as Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles, Tibetan Spaniels, or Belgian Shepherds.


We especially recommend the Zee.Dog NEOPRO brand of dog harnesses. They are fully adjustable, extremely weather-proof, and super easy to clean. The NEOPRO dog harness is especially great for growing puppies, as it adjusts to the next size up.

Mesh Harness

Mesh dog harnesses resemble vests and consist of materials such as nylon or polyester. The breathable, lightweight fabric guarantees that your dog stays cool and comfortable. This makes them a great choice for long-haired dogs, especially in warmer weather. 


The flexibility of the fabric also makes a mesh dog harness perfect for doggo’s with sensitive skin. Harnesses of heavier material may irritate them. If this is the case for your pooch, then we recommend opting for a mesh dog harness. 


Many mesh harnesses feature a back clip for attaching the leash. This is to lower the risk of strain on your dog's neck and back. Hugo & Hudson as well as Maxbone have created some very cosy dog harnesses for you to choose from. See below for our current available options.

Fly Harness

An ideal dog harness for those who value comfort and design at the same time! Fly Harnesses are super lightweight and durable, featuring a 3D knitted external layer and a breathable bottom mesh layer. 


Fly Dog Harnesses can be easily taken on and off with just a click. They also include adjustable straps for superior comfort. Thanks to the D-ring on top of the harness, you can attach your dog lead with ease. 


A bonus feature of the fly harness is that they have a top handle providing you with easier, safer control. (More on this below!)

Shop by purpose of dog harness

Every dog harness is different and will be designed for a specific purpose. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right one as this will help prevent any injury to you or your dog.

No-Pull Dog Harness

If your dog pulls on the leash during walks, a no-pull dog harness might be suitable for you. With a no-pull harness, if your dog pulls, the front-attached lead will make them turn around. This helps to discourage your dog from pulling on the leash.


Another advantage of a no-pull dog harness is its comfort and reduced risk of causing injuries to your dog. Smaller dogs are most vulnerable to neck injuries because of their excessive yanking on the collar. Therefore, no-pull harnesses are particularly great for them. 

Top Handle Dog Harness

A top handle dog harness allows for an easier and safer control of your dog. Handles on harnesses can really make the difference for owners when trying to deal with a tense situation between their dogs. It means you can gain quick control if they react to another dog, thanks to a firm yet safe extra grip.


Top handle harnesses are convenient because they allow you to carry your dog when necessary and assist them over obstacles effortlessly. They are also useful for dogs of all breeds and sizes. As you can imagine, they are especially beneficial for smaller dogs to lift them out of harm’s way.


Check out the Zee.Dog FlyHarness collection. Featuring a top handle that keeps your furry friend's comfort at the forefront.

Shop by dog harness materials

On our website, our dog harnesses use either nylon or mesh materials. But which is the best choice for you and your fur baby? This section will help you to make that decision.

Nylon Dog Harness

Nylon is a very popular material for harnesses as it's durable and affordable. If you want your dog harness to be long-lasting then nylon is the best material to choose. Nylon is also lightweight and easy to clean, it withstands all weather conditions. The only issue of nylon dog harnesses is that they might be uncomfortable for some dogs, particularly if they lack padding.


That said, nylon harnesses are commonly chosen by owners seeking either intricate designs or vibrant, personalised harnesses to ensure their dog remains visible. They are also a safe option as you'll know your pup is safe when wearing a strong, nylon harness.

nylon harness variety

Mesh Dog Harness

Mesh is a material that is lightweight and breathable. This makes it the perfect choice for owners with small dogs or dogs that overheat easily. Mesh is also comfortable and easy to clean. However, mesh harnesses might not be suitable for bigger dogs that pull forcefully on the leash.


Hugo & Hudson have specially designed their mesh dog harnesses with aquatic-loving canines in mind. They reduce the pressure on your dog’s neck and prevent any pulling occurring. These dog harnesses offer optimal comfort and convenience for dog’s who love an adventure.


Nylon and mesh dog harnesses are gentle on the skin, making them suitable choices for dogs with sensitive skin.

Shop by dog harness brand

At WOOOF, our aim is to make shopping for your pup easy. We've partnered with exceptional brands that create and test high-quality dog products. The brands below have made some fantastic dog harnesses, all with different benefits and properties.


Zee.Dog do things differently. They follow what is trending and create amazing dog harnesses in a variety of popular styles. From ultra-lightweight FlyHarness designed for outdoor adventures, to H-Harnesses that are fully adjustable, weatherproof, and super easy to clean. 


The top-seller on our website is the colourful Galaxy FlyHarness, known for its easy one-click mechanism. It also includes a 3D knitted outer layer and breathable mesh bottom layer, along with adjustable neck and chest straps, providing exceptional comfort for your furry friend.

The Painter’s Wife

The Painter’s Wife are specialists in contemporary art and bring a fresh approach to dog wear products. Many dog owners are opting for The Painter’s Wife harnesses for their comfort, safety, and design. All are high-quality and available at affordable prices. 


The Painter's Wife dog collars, leads, and harnesses draw inspiration from the art of French painter and designer, Sonia Delaunay. Therefore, they really stand out and match well together. 

Show off your pooch’s unique style with The Painter’s Wife stunning dog harnesses today.

Hugo & Hudson

Hugo & Hudson create premium, high-quality dog products that match the latest fashion trends. Like us, they believe that our fur babies truly deserve the very best. That's why Hugo & Hudson creates all their products with a focus on comfort and style, using high-quality materials.


With a wide range of harnesses available, your dog can really stand out with unbeatable style. Better yet, consider pairing them together with Hugo & Hudson’s dog collars and leads so that your pooch will match! 

Dog Harnesses from WOOOF

Buying harnesses can seem tricky with so many available on the market. But we hope this guide has made your decision easier! 


If you enjoyed this shopping guide, head over to our similar guides all about shopping for dog leads and dog collars!

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